Şişecam is now the sole shareholder of Şişecam Cevre Sistemleri. The Turkish-based glass manufacturer exercised its purchase option from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Developments (EBRD) for its 10% stake in Şişecam Cevre Sistemleri.

Cevre Sistemleri, translated from Turkish to English as “Environmental Systems,” has supported the institutionalization of Turkey’s glass waste collection and recycling industry over the past seven years. The company was founded in 2016 by Şişecam and EBRD to facilitate glass recycling in Turkey. The joint venture sought to establish modern facilities to produce higher-quality waste glass.

As the sole owner of Şişecam Cevre Sistemleri, Şişecam aims to support glass recycling further and lead the development and growth of the recycling industry with new investments. The purchase coincides with the company’s desire to boost the rate of external glass cullet used in its glass packaging production to 35% in 2030.

According to company officials, using cullet can lower energy consumption, which reduces the need for natural raw materials. Additionally, cullet from recycling waste glass reduces carbon emissions by more than 50%, depending on the rate used.