Şişecam Group was included in the “Best Emerging Markets Performers” list containing 100 companies from all over the world. The list is within the scope of the Viego Eiris Sustainability Index 2018 Assessment, which includes 855 companies from 35 sectors in 31 countries.

Viego Eiris is an international institution offering research and rating services to investors, public and non-governmental organizations in environmental, social and governance areas. It analyzes the risks and opportunities under six main titles and 38 subjects in the environmental, social and governance areas. In this research, which is repeated every six months, environment, human rights, human resources, social and economic status of the society, business manner and corporate governance categories are taken as the basis. The companies are assessed within the frame of the works they carry out in the fields of human rights, decent employment practices, environmental protection, corporate governance, business ethics and social and economic development in areas where they operate.

One way Şişecam Group has put sustainability to practice is by implementing the “Glass is Glass Again” project in 2011, based on the fact that glass is the most sustainable packaging material, according to the company. Within the scope of this project, the group recycled 1 million tons of glass waste since 2011 which prevented 1 million tons of glass from going to waste. During these seven years:

  • More than 20,000 glass banks were supplied to the municipalities for use.
  • Awareness training was given to more than 250,000 primary school students.

Use of cullet at the rate of 10 percent as input in the glass production provides a reduction of 12 percent in the raw materials, 2.5 percent in energy and 5 percent in carbon emissions, according to the company.

With the “Glass is Glass Again” project, carbon emissions equal to air being cleaned by 33 million trees is prevented in one year. In raw material use, sand, which would create a beach 32.8 feet wide (10 meters) and 69.5 miles long (112 kilometers) is saved.