Şişecam Group, an active member of the International Commission on Glass (ICG), supports its proposal to have 2022 be declared the UN International Year of Glass in order to emphasize the current technological, scientific and economic importance of glass.

“We seek corporate support in every field touched by glass, and maintain contact with all our stakeholders in public and private institutions and organizations. We trust that, when Turkey assumes the presidency of the UN General Assembly, any support provided in this context will contribute greatly to our efforts. We believe that Turkey, which has created a global brand from the Anatolian lands where the glass industry was born, will play a leading role in the 75th session of the UN General Assembly in order to create the global awareness that the industry deserves,” says Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Group vice chairman and CEO. “Providing long-term value with its ever-developing and expanding areas of use, the glass industry offers endless potential in creating a sustainable future. The importance of the industry grows day-by-day thanks to its ability to create sustainability solutions for the most critical issues and risks such as the environment, climate, energy and healthcare … Energy-saving architectural glass products contribute directly to sustainable cities and national economies for a sustainable future. Therefore, it is crucial to underscore the role of the glass industry, which produces solutions for environmental protection and energy saving in combating climate change, and aims to leave a better planet for future generations. As scientists and industry representatives continuously strive to expand the borders of the glass industry, and in the belief that this century will be the ‘Glass Age,’ we applied to the UN General Assembly, which has recognized key sectors with high-level international efforts and social contributions for the last 60 years by declaring UN International Years, and we requested the declaration of 2022 as the International Year of Glass.”

More information is available at www.iyog2022.org.