Turkish glass manufacturer Sisecam Group reported consolidated net sales of TL 8.4 billion ($2.32 million) and a net profit of more than TL 1 billion ($280 million) for the full-year 2016, according to a financial release.

The company reported its total investments reached TL 1.2 billion ($330 million) in the same period.

In 2016, Sisecam, with manufacturing activities in 13 countries in three continents and sales globally, produced more than 4.6 million tons of glass, more than 2.3 million tons of soda and more than 3.8 million tons of industrial raw materials, according to the report. Its international sales volume reached $1.5 billion.

“Our aim is to further strengthen our financial structure by focusing on sustainability in such a way as to support our growth potential in the near future,” says CEO Ahmet Kırman. “Efforts to optimize production facilities and the cost structure will continue at an increasing pace, with a special emphasis on increased use of automated systems.”