Şişecam signed a memorandum of understanding to found a global joint venture with 7CBasalia, the owner of Basalia Technology, a company touted as “groundbreaking solution in the green and circular economy space” and a Turkish innovation in bioeconomics. With the investment in this technology that is developed for turning all types of waste into harmless materials, Şişecam and 7CBasalia will support R&D efforts in this emerging field. Şişecam considers this technology as a game-changing solution.

Successful results were recorded in initial testing following a pilot project in Şişecam’s facilities. As a result, Şişecam will support dissemination of Basalia Technology across all its international platforms worldwide. This investment will mark the first-ever biotechnology investment of Şişecam, which operates in nine business lines across Turkey.

“We saw that Basalia Technology yielded positive results in our initial testing. We believe that this solution will mark a revolutionary breakthrough in the emerging field of bioeconomics. We signed a memorandum of understanding with 7CBasalia, a biotech start-up, to found a global joint venture in order to help develop and disseminate this technology globally. Şişecam will bolster R&D efforts in this key area with its investment in Basalia Technology, a solution that recycles all sorts of wastes and turns them into harmless substances and value-added products,” said Şişecam’s chairman of the board of directors Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman. “In addition, we will significantly contribute to the international dissemination of this technology, which closely aligns with our sustainability goals, after implementing it as a pilot project at Şişecam and seeing its results on a larger scale. Having production activities in 14 countries and reaching 150 countries with its value-added products, Şişecam is the point of origin and the global representative for the Turkish glass industry. Note that glass is the world’s most sustainable material. Şişecam, with its new investment will play an active role in the global distribution of Basalia Technology, which we believe will give a huge boost to sustainability.”

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