Şişecam announced that it increased its consolidated net sales to more than $3 billion in the first nine months of 2022. Of that $3 billion, 63% came from international sales. The Turkish manufacturer of glassware and producer of glass packaging and flat glass also states that its total investments reached more than $268 million during the same period.

Şişecam, which produces glass in 14 countries and sells in more than 150 countries, says that during the first nine months of 2022 it produced more than 230,000 tons of glass, 193,000 tons of soda ash and 182,000 tons of industrial raw materials.

Despite the global economic headwinds, Şişecam’s CEO Görkem Elverici says that the company has the means to manage the complexities of different economic regulations and conditions.

“Thanks to our ability to produce with alternative energy sources and our power to include all the necessary instruments for financial and operational sustainability, we create sustainable value for all our stakeholders even in this challenging period,” says Elverici. “We protect our investors with share buyback programs. We also take important steps to strengthen our suppliers, customers and employees with our inclusive development-oriented approach. We see glass not as the product of this year but as the need of the age.”

Elverici adds that Şişecam will run its production operations as planned regardless of how things play out for the remainder of 2022. This comes as many global companies in the glass industry bring their cold repair processes forward as customers look wearily to the uncertainties of 2023.