These days it seems if you’re not posting, tweeting or connecting you’re seriously out of the loop and sooner or later will fall completely and utterly out of touch. Who knew Facebook, Twitter and Linked In would become such an important tool that helps companies not only promote their products and services, but also connect with peers, colleagues and customers.

It was just a few years ago when I sat in on an industry meeting where the topic of discussion was how to embrace social media. At the time there was a debate over the term “social media” and whether the group should be promoting and encouraging involvement in such a realm.

“Perhaps if we called it something else,” someone commented.

“But ‘social media’ is what it’s called,” someone else responded. “We’re not just making it up.”

And it was virtually overnight that the world and so many of its associations and the like found their place in this social media circle.

Have you found yours yet?

The Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal has established its place on Twitter and now on Facebook. If you’re not yet following us or have not yet become a fan, check us out. We’re posting news and information about some of the latest industry projects and other current news, trends and more. On Facebook you can even post your own comments about the work your firm is doing, share pictures, news or tell us what you’d like to see—even not see—in our magazine and website.

It’s still a pretty new concept for us, as I’m sure it is for many of you; others out there I know are top-notch tweeters and posters. So what tips can you share for establishing a successful social network presence? If you’re new to all this, what questions do you have? Feel free to post your comments below–or on Facebook and Twitter!