Earlier this year, Soft Tech co-CEO Tyron Ball visited the company’s India office to discuss the business’ operational strategy. Soft Tech’s India office is made up of more than 20 support and implementation staff, who are headed by global implementation manager Rohit C. Puri. During the meeting, the company discussed how it could give back to the local community in Gurugram, home of the India office. Puri introduced the company to the Sanshil Foundation’s Project Bagiya, a remedial school that focuses on bridge education, catering to the slums in and around Sector 50 Gurugram. Currently students are being supported academically and financially in mainstream education.

Since beginning in 2009, where their first class of ten students gathered under a tree in a local Gurugram park, Project Bagiya now operates out of two centers with 300-plus students enrolled, and has mainstreamed more than 1,000 students since its inception. Some Project Bagiya supported students are currently pursuing their undergraduate degrees and a few have gone on to find employment in the corporate world.

Project Bagiya integrates communities through holistic and academic learning. Pathways have been created through sports, art and crafts, and theatre activities.

Taking Action

A corporate sponsorship was discussed at the following board meeting and resulted in unanimous agreement to support Project Bagiya. Following this, the Soft Tech India team purchased some gifts and visited Project Bagiya to distribute these to the children. This week, Soft Tech has made the first of its monthly donations to support the non-governmental organization.

Those who would like to get involved with founder Shilpa Sonal at the Sanshil Foundation can email marketing@softtech.com for more information.