Partnerships continue to be a driving factor in bringing new technologies to market, and this is not lost on SolarWindow Technologies, a developer of transparent photovoltaic glass products.

SolarWindow has entered into a “Process Integration and Production Agreement” with Triview Glass Industries, a glass fabricator based in City of Industry, Calif.

“We believe that our agreement with Triview establishes a very important strategic relationship that is a prerequisite to reaching our goal of commercial production of SolarWindow products,” SolarWindow president and CEO John A. Conklin tells™.

Conklin says the purpose of the agreement is to establish commercial-scale manufacturing methodologies and processes to fabricate products based on SolarWindow’s technologies. He says it will integrate these technologies into Triview’s manufacturing process.

According to the 8-K SEC agreement filing dated August 2, 2017, upon successful integration of SolarWindow’s technologies into Triview’s manufacturing prices, the companies “will explore the feasibility of entering into one or more commercial relationships or opportunities with respect to the commercial manufacture and sale of [the products].”

Under the agreement, they will also “mutually define the basis for and determine transfer pricing for manufactured [products].” Additionally, any newly developed intellectual property “will be and remain the sole property of [SolarWindow].”