The GlassBuild America show at the Las Vegas Convention Center continues to have a full house and a wide variety of products for the glass industry.

Combilift USA is featuring its multi-directional forklifts.

Combilift USA featured its Combi C-Series, a four-directional forklift. The machine allows operators to better use their warehousing space.

“In some ways, we’re selling real estate,” said Gearoid Hogan, vice president of sales and marketing. “It increases capacity and decreases weather damage of a product that would be sitting outside due to lack of space.”

But the company’s focus was its Combi-CB, a compact multidirectional forklift.

“With this forklift, you can fit 24-foot-long loads through a 10-foot door,” said Hogan. He also added that one of the main attributes of the Combi-CB is its safety element. “It carries the load down-low, while most forklifts carry loads up-high which can be unstable,” he said. “It provides safer material handling.”

Groves Inc. is showcasing its GLC glass carts.

Groves Inc. displayed its GLC glass carts, which can hold up to 4,000 pounds and are available in four different sizes.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in these,” said Chris Sheppard, national sales manager. “We’ve already sold quite a number of them today.”

Groves Inc. also featured its Buggy Buddy, a single-sided shop cart to hold fabricated material. It features a removable top A-frame, and it has a 2,000-pound weight capacity. Sheppard said it’s a safe solution for moving around material.

Wagner highlighted its new glass railing system, PanelGrip 2. It’s a non-welded system that can be installed by one person. It features a lightweight extruded aluminum base shoe, which is a Green product that qualifies for LEED credits. The top rails are made of all stainless steel, which Andrew Chatfield, director of marketing, said is for longevity.

As GlassBuild’s second day ended, the consensus among exhibitors was that attendance was stronger than the previous day.

“This has been the best show we’ve ever had,” said Sheppard. “We’ve gotten so much traffic at our booth.”

Stan Liddell, sales representative for Mainstreet Computers echoed the sentiment, “We always like Vegas. We’ve been busy all day; it’s non-stop traffic.”

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