3M Company’s Glass Finishes consist of four distinct product lines: Crystal Finishes, Fasara, Dichroic and DI-NOC for Glass. 3M Dusted and Frosted Crystals create a sandblasted etched look that can be electrocut to make logos and distraction bands. Fasara transforms glass from ordinary to a new level with over 100 pre-printed patterns that are inspired by the latest global design trends. Dichroic finishes, available in Blaze and Chill, have unique color-shifting properties that simulate dichroic glass at a fraction of the cost. Finally, 3M DI-NOC Glass Finishes provide the unexpected by marrying the benefits of glass with the aesthetics of various natural surfaces (woods, textiles, metals, stones) and solid colors.

Energy Products Distribution (EPD) is a master distributor of 3M’s Glass Finishes and sell each by the linear foot or full roll. To learn more, please contact Jeffrey Lipitz at jlipitz@epdwindowfilm.com or 917-885-9811.