Strybuc Industries announced it has installed a new carousel system in its Pennsylvania warehouse that is designed to increase the throughput of orders.

Strybuc recently installed a new carousel system in one of its warehouses.

The system brings parts to the shipper; therefore, travel time to pull parts for an order is cut down to zero. It also introduces “batch” picking into the order flow, a process that allows a shipper to process six orders at one time. If a part is listed on more than one of those six orders, the shipper will only have to go to the bin once to retrieve the part and distribute it among the orders in the batch.

According to company information, a carousel system dramatically cuts down on shipping errors, integrating the use of a lighting system that points to the bin where a part is to be retrieved and also illuminates the quantity. Inventory count accuracy is improved with a carousel system and the warehouse management software contains many tools to continually assist in the correct slotting of the material.
“Speed, accuracy and improved order flow are the key positive elements of a carousel system,” says Bob McFadden, logistics manager.