New Recruits: Prepare Your Business for Future Generations

By Craig Carson

When you read this column it will be around Christmas time and the end to a busy year will be near. I hope that it was profitable for all and that 2019 will be beneficial, as well.

This past year was one that saw many interesting projects throughout the country with innovative and challenging designs. The architects really had a chance to expand their horizons and, by extension, ours.

As I write this, I am preparing to leave for the Greenbuild convention in Chicago, which took place in mid-November. I’m excited to go as it will be the first time I’ve attended this show, and I’m looking forward to the new ideas and products that will be on dis-play. I’ve been involved with start-up product ideas before and know they can be difficult to get off the ground. So getting to see what and where some of the products are in the idea, development or production stage will be exciting.


Here’s something else to talk about: is 2019 the year that you provide an internship to a student? This past summer we had a student intern with us who was a very bright guy and ev-eryone was impressed with his work ethic and social skills. Being a college student and a member of his school’s football team, we had him for a shorter time than we would have hoped, as he had to return for early fall football practice. Still, it was nice to have him for the time that we did. I’d like to say that it renewed my faith in students, but I would be lying, and that’s because I’ve never lost faith in them.

The young man who was with us over the summer was bright, attentive, a quick study and personable. And, he wants to be an aerospace engineer—that industry’s gain and our loss. We need to recruit more young men and women into our industry and not wait until we are desperate for help (and without the time to train them). We need to plan for the growth of our com-panies and bring young people in to learn about our industry. Do your part and think about this now so you have time to speak to your local colleges and offer an internship next summer.

Construction is an exciting field … and I think the glazing segment is the most exciting. Where on a building is there as much of a dramatic effect as there is with the building envelope? Nowhere. We should be excited to be part of these designs. I can’t imagine that other respectful trades such as plumbers, framers, electricians, carpenters and so on have as much effect on the finished building as contract glaziers have.

So here’s to you, the contract glazing world, looking forward to a great 2019 and beyond.

And remember, the devil is always in the details. Merry Christmas to all!

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