Time is on Your Side: Invest in Growing Your Knowledge and Skills

By Craig Carson

With the pace of business as heavy as it is and the feeling that the older we get the faster time flies … wow, it’s February. Where did January go? Have you implemented changes to make your company more efficient, knowledgeable and better trained? It’s not too late.


We just attended a very well organized Glass Expo Rocky Mountain™ in Denver where information on topics such as blast mitigation was presented. This is an interesting subject to explore. The science of building envelope design when blast resistance is involved is truly fascinating. It’s unlike engineering for windload where over-engineering an opening or wall is tolerable or even desirable. Looking at the engineering for blast resistance, over-engineering is not desirable. The fail point is critical to save the structure. Very heady stuff!

We also got great information and industry news related to an economic update of the Rocky Mountain region, as well as more areas of the country. This was needed information for planning in different markets.

The use of laminated glass in railings was another seminar at the Expo. Understanding the how and why of the evolution of the building codes and product development of laminated glass for this purpose make me wonder why it’s taken so long to realize that tempered/laminated glass is the best fit for railings. It only makes sense that if a glass panel was to break, for whatever reason, we need it to stay in the opening, not evacuate it. And now we’re seeing many of the glass fabricators investing in equipment and upgrading their production tolerances to provide very nice polished edges with minimal to no offset of the two lites of glass.

Glass Expo Rocky Mountain also featured a great exhibition hall. I always enjoy the walk through the show; not only do I run into old friends and acquaintances, but I also find new products and services. It’s a wonderful place to see what’s new.


If you want to gain knowledge of what’s happening in the marketplace, investing your time is necessary. Do you need to improve to be more valuable to your employer or your employees? You owe it to this great industry. If you attended Glass Expo Rocky Mountain, you know how valuable the experience was. If you didn’t, be sure to find the time
to go to the Glass Expo nearest you.

I was talking to a colleague not long ago, saying how lucky we are to be in a business where not only do we get to see the results of our efforts, but others get to, as well. Just think, there are other trades needed to build buildings … concrete, steel, electrical, plumbing, etc. … but it’s difficult to look at the finished building and appreciate their work and efforts on the project. Our discipline is there for all to see, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Every year there are great projects, and we all have opportunities to leave our mark.

Craig Carson is the regional preconstruction manager for Alliance Glazing Technologies Inc. in Littleton, Colo.

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