Half Empty or Half Full: What’s Your Perspective?

By Craig Carson

As I write this, we’ve just entered into the New Year and the Dow Jones has just passed 26,000; unemployment is at record lows. A new tax bill was just passed that will encourage reinvestment in the United States and put more money in our pockets. Good days are ahead. John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump all have known that the economy works best when the masses have money to spend. That’s why all of these presidents pushed for lower taxes under their watch and command.

Great work, America! Isn’t it amazing what a little optimism and confidence will do? The economy has never been better. I never have understood how negative rhetoric coming out of Washington helps our country or our people be safe or prosper—and it doesn’t help our companies prosper, either.


While we’re somewhere in the beginning-middle of this economic growth period, let’s be thankful that we have the developers that see a bright future in our towns and cities. They’re investing in new projects and/or refurbishing buildings, allowing us to enjoy the hard work that our forefathers bore in building this great country of ours. These efforts give us the opportunity to provide those jobs and, dare I say, make a profit? (And no, I am not running for office.)


This leads me to our workplace atmosphere. A happy workplace is a productive workplace, don’t you agree? Take a look at how you interact with your fellow staff members? Have you set up and maintained an atmosphere in your office where you’re pleasant, helpful and courteous? Can you give your time openly to others to help them do their job effectively? Do you provide leadership by being calm and cool in a crisis, letting others see that you can and will use good judgment? Or, have you been the one who provides no inspiration or kind words, panics when a problem arises and cannot hold the respect of fellow staff members?

If you’re the pessimist, take heart. We can all change if we want to, though it might take a while. You will stub your toe and have setbacks. You’ll have to start over, and maybe over again and again. But don’t stop.

Depending on when you receive this fine magazine in your mailbox, Valentine’s Day is just about here, or just past. I hope that you took it to heart to tell the ones you love that you love them—whether they’re with you today, or a soft, sweet memory of a love that has passed.

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