Airports around the world are no stranger to decorative glass products, and the Los Angeles airport is no exception. Delta Air Lines recently completed a $229 million dollar restoration at LAX terminal 5, part of its new premium check-in experience being touted as an “anti-paparazzi service” with its option to skip the traditional check-in and security lines, among other perks. The high-end atmosphere of the lounge features a “Delta blue” custom glass partition wall, known as the Livinglass Kimono, which was fabricated by Los Angeles-based Livinglass.

Livinglass supplied a custom, decorative glass installation for Delta's recently updated LAX terminal 5.
Livinglass supplied a custom, decorative glass installation for Delta’s recently updated LAX terminal 5.

The custom blue Kimono decorative glass wall is one of the first things premium customers will experience as they enter the brand new Delta One lounge for elite travelers. Its vibrant blue hues set the tone for what Delta hopes to be an unforgettable VIP experience.

According to Brett Lee owner of Livinglass, “refined luxury, but also indicative of the air travel,” was Delta’s desired aesthetic.”

Lee explains, “Delta corporate contacted us directly to create a unique piece for the Elite One experience. One of their top VP’s appreciated our work and saw several samples of our products through IA Interiors in Chicago who had presented our products for the Skylounge remodels for Delta.”

For the project Livinglass fabricated 154 square feet in four custom panels.

“Since each panels is fully custom it was important that our artists took the time to make sure there was continuity between panels, which we did achieve,” says Lee, adding that given the airport application there were also special logistic issues for product delivery.

“Since this is a very important branding environment for Delta, and the first experience you have when you walk into the private Elite One check-in, it was important that the panels reflect the intent/experience that Delta wants for their customers,” says Lee. “The units were back-lit with custom LED panels so the diffusion issues were important to get correct. We added two different levels of diffusion to the product to make sure we achieved the desired illumination that the client wanted.”

One reason that Delta chose Livinglass for the project, according to the company, was its products are eco-friendly. Livinglass says its products are made with recycled glass and resin, which fits with Delta’s desire to use environmentally responsible materials. Delta is also planning on using custom architectural glass from Livinglass in all of its new and upgraded Sky Clubs around the country.

Livinglass products have been used around the world in settings such as the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, at the Nobu Fifty Seven restaurant in Manhattan, the Wynn Macao resort in China and various other elite hotels and restaurants, among other settings.