Biophilic Design and Glass: Technology Helps Bring Nature Indoors

Technology has brought biophilic design principles to glass and glazing systems. Biophilic styles integrate nature’s forms and patterns into buildings. These designs can incorporate natural elements such as light, air, water and plants, as well as nature-inspired images, colors, simulations and naturalistic shapes.

Biophilic properties simulate nature and incorporate daylighting strategies to connect building occupants with the outdoors. John Rose, director of marketing for FGD Glass Solutions, says he has seen an increase in the use of biophilic designs in glass, such as adding stone textures for columns and wall cladding.

Decorative glass is one way designers can mesh nature and the built environment. It comes in various forms, including digitally printed and interactive glass.

To incorporate natural designs in glass, manufacturers can use several processes, such as digital printing. Though a relatively new method, digital printing has evolved to include better resolution, faster printing speeds and different types of prints, such as textured features.

Kevin Roth, founder and CEO of Privacy Glass Solutions, says that as the digital printing process has improved, he has noticed that customers want more detailed biophilic properties. “It’s now more about lively colors and pictures,” he told USGlass magazine. “They want more scenery and colors that blend in with the environment.”

Biophilic techniques also include using glass to harmonize the outdoors with a building’s interior. Moveable glass walls expand living spaces and introduce abundant light to a poorly lit room. The walls offer various incentives for building occupants, including increased light, better views and improved ventilation and versatility.

The push for more natural features in glass comes as research links the practice with improvements in occupant happiness and well-being. In fact, a paper by University of Oregon researchers found that increased access to windows, daylight and views of nature can facilitate healing in healthcare facilities.

Şişecam to Invest in Icron

Şişecam  has signed a letter of intent to become an investor in Turkey-based technology company Icron. The tech provider offers optimization platform services to numerous sectors for their strategic and operational decision-making needs.

The two companies are no strangers, having collaborated since 1996 for Şişecam ’s supply chain-related needs. If an agreement is reached, Icron will become Şişecam ’s first investment in the technology development field. Şişecam will also have the option to increase its total stake in Icron up to 50% by 2027.

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