Tecnoglass Inc. has relocated its headquarters from Barranquilla, Colombia, to Miami. The move is an effort to expand the company’s market presence and fuel further growth in the U.S., says vice president of operations Samir Amin. He adds the move has been in the works for about a year.

Tecnoglass has relocated its headquarters from Barranquilla, Colombia, to Miami. The U.S. market has long been vital to the company’s success. Photo courtesy of Tecnoglass.

Founded in 1984, Tecnoglass fabricates architectural glass and associated aluminum products for the commercial and residential markets.

According to Tecnoglass officials, the U.S. market has long been vital to the company’s success, purchasing most of its architectural aluminum, window and glass products. In fact, the U.S. accounts for more than 95% of Tecnoglass’ generated revenues.

“Becoming a U.S.-based company is an exciting milestone for our company,” says CEO José Manuel Daes. “Our successful record of sustainable growth in the U.S. has already helped to cement Tecnoglass as a U.S.-centric company. The decision to relocate our global headquarters to Miami is aligned with this growth and underscores our commitment to further strengthening our customer relationships, streamlining administrative functions and enhancing our operational efficiency.”

Officials explain that by moving its global headquarters to the U.S., Tecnoglass will be better positioned to serve its customers, respond swiftly to market dynamics and harness the favorable growth opportunities available. The push for an expanded U.S. presence also includes additional showrooms throughout the West Coast. Amin says Tecnoglass aims to build showrooms in Arizona, California and Texas within the next two years.

Tecnoglass’ new headquarters is located in one of its existing facilities in Miami. The company will purchase land to build a showroom and new executive office over the next year. Amin says the new facility will feature a “very nice façade and showroom to showcase our products both on the façade of the building and on the inside.”

The company’s existing corporate offices in Barranquilla will continue to serve as an operational and administrative hub. Amin says that in the short term, Barranquilla will continue to operate as the company’s core.

Amin adds that along with the move to Miami, Tecnoglass is developing new product lines for untapped markets.

“We’re mainly focused on South Florida and the U.S. West Coast,” he says. He adds that with the company now headquartered in Miami, some of the new products could focus on impact glass, such as hurricane-resistant glass.

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