A shower door installation by Anderson Glass recently seen on an episode of HGTV's "Fixer Upper." (photo courtesy of Anderson Glass)
A shower door installation by Anderson Glass recently seen on an episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” (photo courtesy of Anderson Glass)

When Anderson Glass first began doing projects for HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” employees jockeyed for the chance to do those jobs.

Today, it’s business as usual.

The Waco, Texas-based glass shop has been the go-to glass contractor for Magnolia, the construction company of Chip and Joanna Gaines, for more than a decade. So Anderson has been alongside the Gaines’ through much of their journey as the duo on “Fixer Upper,” which has aired since 2013 and is heading into a fourth season.

On the show, the Gaines’ are tasked with renovating a home for a particular buyer under a strict budget. When the renovation involves glass—which is almost all of the time—Anderson gets the call. Owner Dustin Anderson says his company is involved in nearly every project featured on the show, doing everything from small window repairs, mirrors and shelves to large shower enclosures and doors.

Many of the jobs are unique, and the fact that Anderson has been working with the Gaines’ for so long has opened up the possibilities of where and how glass can be implemented. “We’ve done our best to look at what their design needs and wants are, and to make our products match,” he says. “… My goal is try to do anything they send our way.”

One unique application, for example, was a set of sash doors for the show’s “Barndominium” renovation episode, which aired last month. Other times, Anderson has designed one-of-a-kind shower doors, shelves or mirrors.

Anderson says the production team for Fixer Upper has been “amazing to work with.” He periodically checks in with the staff to see if there are opportunities for any glass installation to be featured on camera, and if so, his team is able to prepare accordingly.

Aside from “the excitement of being on TV,” he says his team has gotten used to the challenges the show’s projects pose, namely the pressure of short lead times. “We’ve gotten that down to a science now,” he says. “At one point we decided we can’t just treat it like anything else.”

In the early days of the show, there were times Anderson was unable to meet the show’s tight deadlines. As an example, in some episodes during the “reveal,” when the homeowners were shown the finished product at the end of the episode, the shower glass had not yet been installed.

Anderson’s typical lead time for a frameless shower is five to seven days, but he says Fixer Upper projects expedite the process and can require a two- to-three-day lead time.

Over time, Anderson has put a system in place that allowed it to meet the demands of the program. An important part of that has been the relationship he’s established with Chris Mammen of Dallas-based M3 Glass Technologies, which supplies Anderson’s glass for the enclosures. Together, they’ve been able to cut down lead times.

(photo courtesy of Anderson Glass)
(photo courtesy of Anderson Glass)

“They take very good care of us,” says Anderson, adding that it doesn’t hurt that Chris and his wife are fans of the show. “… We’re only as good as our suppliers.”

Magnolia is Anderson’s No. 1 builder and makes up approximately 15 percent of its business. In addition to residential, Anderson also does small-scale commercial work, which comprises 35 percent of its business.

Some of the more interesting products Anderson produced for this season’s Fixer Upper projects has sparked AG Market, a new aspect of the business that focuses on more art and decorative applications.

Anderson is excited to continue working with the Gaines’ and production staff of Fixer Upper, which is slated for at least another season.

“It’s just been a fun experience,” he says. “You see a lot of house flips on TV, these shows where they come in, tear it down and build a dream house. You know there are people behind the scenes making that happen—including the glass guys. But our industry never gets a lot of face time.”

Fixer Upper, he says, has bucked that trend.

Anderson regularly posts photos and updates from the show’s projects on Twitter and Instagram. The show airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern.


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  2. I love the show as well, I would love to have them come to NC and renovate my fixer upper! I love how they include their children in the projects. Life most valuable access is family! May God continue to bless the Gaines family and all those that are involved in the episodes as we continue to watch!

  3. Good for you Dustin , see an opportunity and make it something very special , your qualitiy of work speaks volumes about who you are and your desire to get the job done . I hope we get to see more of you and your talents ! Good

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