To expand security glazing options in fire conditions, Technical Glass Products (TGP), a brand of Allegion, and The LTI Group are now working together to offer Pilkington Pyrostop laminated to School Guard Glass.

The fire-rated, forced entry and bullet-resistant transparent wall panel is designed to help delay intruders while maintaining a high level of fire and life safety in schools and education facilities. It is fire-rated for up to 120 minutes, offers a Level III bullet-resistance rating and withstands 12-plus-minute forced entry attacks in compliant doors and frames.

“Recent school tragedies have reinforced the need for more secure education facilities, leading to an increase in forced entry and bullet-resistant glazing. A challenge is many of these products don’t protect against the spread of fire, which building codes require in areas of egress,” says Devin Bowman, vice president of sales at TGP. “By joining forces with LTI, we were able to combine two products with a proven track record and create a reliable fire-rated glass and security door solution for education facility design teams.”

“Pilkington Pyrostop with School Guard Glass is an important step toward safer schools,” adds Jeff Besse, president of LTI Smart Glass. “It provides critical defense against fire. During an intruder attack, it gives students and staff the upper hand by taking away the element of surprise at access points and delaying ingress. Fire doors can now be as prepared for an intruder attack as they are for a fire event.”

In addition to forced entry and bullet-resistance, Pilkington Pyrostop laminated to School Guard Glass meets the impact requirements of CPSC 16CFR1201 Category I and/or Category II. To meet specific project needs, it is available incorporating a variety of glass products, including options such as tinted, one-way mirror, low-E and reflective glass. It fits in Fireframes HeatBarrier Series doors and frames from TGP, and is available for use in compliant frames by others.

The combined Pilkington Pyrostop and School Guard Glass glazing assembly is classified and labeled with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for doors, windows, sidelites and transoms. It is available for use in interior and exterior products.