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Thad Ziegler Glass, a San Antonio-based contract glazing company, turns 125 this year. According to the company, it is the nation’s oldest family-owned glass company.

William Ziegler and his nephew Carl founded the company in 1893. Originally named Ziegler & Ziegler, the firm specialized in paint, wallpaper and plate glass. After William’s death, Eva Ziegler assumed ownership in 1916 and plans were made to close operations. The company was reduced to just two employees, when in 1920 Thad C., William Ziegler’s son, joined the company with the goal to rebuild with a focus on auto and window glass.

In 1940 Ziegler & Ziegler became a factory outlet for window and auto class. After Thad M. Ziegler joined his father in 1949, the company was renamed Thad Ziegler Glass Co. and expanded to include plate glass and aluminum storefronts. Following Thad C.’s passing, Thad M. became the sole owner of the company, incorporating in 1969 as Thad Ziegler Glass Inc.

Current president Thad W. (T.W.) joined the firm in 1971, and was followed by sons Thad C. and William. Joining Thad Ziegler Glass in 1998 and 2004 respectively, Thad C. serves as vice president and chief operations officer while William is the company’s vice president and contract department manager. In 2001 Thad Ziegler Glass was converted to a limited partnership as Thad Ziegler Glass Ltd.

President Thad W. attributes the longevity of the company to the “family’s commitment to the highest level of fairness and integrity” when interacting with customers.

“We are dedicated to serving the greater San Antonio Area and its residents. Our company and the city have a long history, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the best possible service to the residents of the city we love,” he says.