by Tureka Dixon

Women in Construction Week is important because it allows the industry to highlight and focus on the women working in it. Women are an important part of the building trades industry; the work we put in is meaningful and rewarding, allowing us to support our households however needed.

Sadly, there are not enough women in the building trades. That is slowly changing, but not rapidly enough because there are issues and obstacles in the way. Childcare is the biggest challenge. Many women are responsible for taking their children to school, and construction jobs typically run from 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. I can say that if it weren’t for my mother, who helps me with my children, I would not be able to have the career I do.

Tureka Dixon says women are an important part of the building trades industry; the work they put in is meaningful and rewarding, allowing them to support their households however needed.

Creating awareness is another issue. Many women have no idea what trades are available or how to apply for a specific job, but they are needed especially glaziers. Glass is a great industry, and it’s the wave of the future. I am glad that I became a glazier, and over the years, my co-workers have been amazing. I’ve had the privilege of working in Boston and Philadelphia, and it’s been life-changing.

There have been some challenging moments; installing glass is not just one simple process. There are many glass systems and sizes, and each building is different. But the feeling you get when you stand back and look at your work is amazing.

Glazing is a great trade for women, and the rewards of seeing your completed work are great. It’s also nice that it’s easy to see since most of the glass is outside the building.

The industry is growing, and the opportunities are endless. It’s also an industry where you’re well-paid, and the health care, pension and annuity are impressive. As a female in the construction industry, I saw growth within a union that could benefit me. I took advantage of all the certifications and training opportunities associated with glazing, and, as a result, I was promoted to recruitment coordinator/part-time instructor. I now work with high school students, introducing them to the glazing trades and helping them navigate their way through the building trades. There are so many opportunities as a glazier. You can be an instructor, estimator, project manager, general foreman or organizer. The road you take is up to you, but I can guarantee the journey will be adventurous.

Tureka Dixon is a recruitment coordinator and part-time instructor with the Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic in Philadelphia.

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  1. As a woman in business, I find it inspiring to see articles like this advocating for greater gender diversity in the construction industry. The construction industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but it’s encouraging to see that more women are breaking into this field and making a difference.
    I’d like to share one of tehe insight i gaine for over 7 years in this business. One way that technology can help support women in the construction industry is through the use of construction management software. These tools can help streamline project management and provide real-time data to all stakeholders, enabling better collaboration and communication.
    Construction management software can also help break down barriers to entry for women and other underrepresented groups in the industry. By providing a more efficient and streamlined workflow, these tools can help make the construction process more accessible and less intimidating for those who are new to the field.
    In conclusion, I believe that greater gender diversity in the construction industry is not only important for promoting equality, but also for driving innovation and progress. By embracing new technologies like construction management software, we can make this industry more inclusive and successful for everyone.

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