Glass Shows Are A Must! Industry Events Can Help Your Business Grow

By Dustin Anderson

It’s hard for many of us to get to glass shows every year, and for a lot of good reasons. First, you have to leave your operation behind for a couple of days. Second, there’s a monetary expense that comes with travel and time away. Lastly, the ability to ever catch up from traveling like this is certainly a mountain to climb. So why do I think it’s so important that I need to get to these industry shows? I’ll tell you.


Since the arrival of social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as inspiration-based apps and websites such as Pinterest, it’s so much easier to see what the rest of our industry is up to by simply searching for words and phrases such as #glazier or #framelessshowerdoor. These plat-forms give us great insight to what our peers are doing, but then the questions begin to pour in … “how do I achieve that look?” or “what system are they using?” These answers aren’t always easily obtainable. That makes glass shows the perfect place to get the answers to all of those questions you’ve been asking.

Another aspect of business that is so important is remaining relevant in the market. To me, this is quite simple. I want to offer my clients every single quality product that is available. I want my clients to know that we chase down the latest and greatest products and give them the opportunity to have those items. Trade shows are the ideal place to not only talk about, but to also see and touch all of the newest items on the market. From products for your clients, to software that makes running your business easier, to the tools that make our lives safer and more convenient. You can immediately gain an edge over your competitors by going and seeing what all the vendors at these shows have to offer.


Finally, there’s an industry-wide struggle to find and maintain amazing talent in the form of fabricators and installers. One practice that I’ve found to be very effective is locating the regional glass shows and taking my truck leads along to these events. These are my employees who are fully trained glaziers capable of managing all the duties required to run a truck. Let’s face it, every-one loves a field trip. I have found that my employees come back to work motivated and feeling more in tune with the ability to attend these shows.

That’s just a couple of solid reasons why glass shows are so important to not only your success, but the success of your business and of your team.

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