No one is sure what 2024 will bring and much of the contract glazing industry remains optimistic. Overall, 2023 was a good year for many of the nation’s top contract glaziers. Most reporting for this year’s USGlass magazine ranking of the Top 50 contract glaziers continue to show sales increases. They point to backlogs, price and supply stabilization and demand beyond commercial construction as positives for the year ahead. The lack of skilled labor, as well as interest rates, inflation and an economic slowdown, remain areas of concern.

Fluctuation among the top five companies is typical for this list, but one interesting mover is Elicc, which has risen from No. 15 in 2021 to take the No. 3 spot this year. At nine years old, the company is also the youngest on the list. You can read more about them in the sidebar on page 33.

While many companies remained within a slot or two across the list, there were some notable increases. Giroux Glass jumped from No. 30 to No. 19 with sales of $93 million compared to $52.4 million. Alexander Metals Inc. shifted from No. 42 to No. 33 with sales of $46 million compared to $31 million. Miami-based GM&P was also a big mover, from No. 21 to No. 15 with sales of $119.2 million compared to $78.4 million last year.

This year’s list also brings a number of new additions, including Glass Systems Inc. of Stonecrest, Georgia, which joined the list in the No. 31 spot. Also new, Minneapolis-based Brin Glass, which recently announced Priscilla Koeckeritz as its new president (see page 62), debuted in the No. 42 spot. Other companies have returned after some time off the list. Both Ace Glass (No. 43) and David Shuldiner (No. 44) are back after a two-year absence.

The information in this section was provided to USGlass by the companies included here. Those companies marked with an * did not provide financial data which is instead estimated based on data and field reports from Key Media & Research.


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