In a letter to customers today, Prince International Corporation, Chromaflo Technologies and Ferro Corporation have announced they are now one company, called Vibrantz Technologies.

The letter from D. Michael Wilson, president and CEO of Vibrantz Technologies, states that the companies “strongly believe the combination of Prince, Chromaflo and Ferro will create a financially stronger company focused on better meeting” customers’ needs for color solutions, performance coatings and advanced materials.

The merger, the letter goes on to say, will allow Vibrantz Technologies to be a “company with strong material science and technology expertise to drive faster innovation” and that it will also have a broader global footprint of customer reach and service.

“We remain committed to ensuring you continue to receive excellent performance in quality products and services while we work through the integration process,” Wilson wrote in the letter, in which he notes that over the coming months, customers should continue to do business with their current sales and technical teams and the individual companies as separate units until further notice.

The combination, he says, will not impact existing contracts or agreements, which remain in place according to their terms and conditions. At this time, each of the three company names and tax identification numbers remain the same, as will the personal service, technical expertise and commitment you have come to expect from each organization.

“We are excited about our new company and what we believe is a bright future. We thank you for your trust and will continue to ensure that we add value as a partner working toward your success,” he said.