Every Thursday leading up to USGlass magazine’s 50th Anniversary celebration in August, USGNN.com™ is taking a look back at past issues and highlighting advertisements, stories and images that ran throughout the publication’s half-century life. This week, we’re looking in the mirror.

In the September/October 1986 issue of USGlass magazine, Peggy B. Stehling wrote an article titled “How to Make Money with Mirrors.”

“If you want an easy way to increase sales and profits, you need to look into mirrors,” Stehling wrote. “The market has never been better.”

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mirror p1

The mirror industry has evolved over the years, but some glass shops around the country still include custom mirror work as a money-making service.

What do you think? What has changed the most in the glass industry since then, and what would you like to see in a future edition of Throwback Thursday? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, and we’ll see you next week.