Every Thursday leading up to USGlass magazine’s 50th Anniversary celebration in August, USGNN.com™ is taking a look back at past issues and highlighting advertisements, stories and images that ran throughout the publication’s half-century life. This week, we’re going to the manual.

gana_glazing_manual_cover_largeThe Glass Association of North America (GANA) released its 50th Anniversary Glazing Manual in 2009, pictured to the right.

According to GANA’s website, “This manual includes complete information about primary and fabricated glass products, quality standards, design considerations, general and specific glazing guidelines and glazing in hazardous locations. Formerly published by the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA), this manual is frequently referred to as the ‘industry bible.’”

Well, it just so happens we stumbled upon a reference to one of the previous versions of the manual when looking back at an old USGlass magazine. Here’s an ad for the release of the “FGMA’s Revised 1974 Edition.” (GANA used to be FGMA, for the record.)

Glazing manual ad

The description for the old manual reads, in part: “The 51-page manual, which includes numerous charts and diagrams … is commonly referred to as the ‘industry bible’ and is recognized by architects, specification writers, and government agencies as the most authoritative work of its kind in the glass and glazing field. The information in the manual is not available from any other single source.”

What do you think? What has changed the most in the glass industry since then, and what would you like to see in a future edition of Throwback Thursday? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. I believe I might have been on the FGMA Committee who authored this revised version. We retained Risher Hall to guide us through the effort.

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