Announcing the Winners of the 2018 USGlass Readers’ Choice Awards

2018 was a big year for the glass and metal industry. It brought the introduction of hundreds of new and updated products, ranging from the glass itself to the components, tools, machinery and much more. What were the stand-out products of the year? We turned to our readers and editors to find out, asking them to vote for their favorite products in a variety of categories. The top vote-getters are the winners of this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, which you can read about in this special feature. The products listed in the survey were featured in the USGlass Showcase department, New Products Guide or other news section, various show previews and/or advertisements in the magazine. Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please email releases to Ellen Rogers at

Adhesives and Sealants

Dowsil Brand Silicone – Dow

Dow Performance Silicones continues to focus on enabling bold building designs with its range of products, including its Dowsil brand silicone structural glazing sealants, previously known as Dow Corning brand products. The Dowsil products continue to offer the same warranty coverage, features and benefits as they did under Dow Corning.

Architectural Metals

Highline Metal Wall Panels – Petersen Aluminum Corp.

Petersen Aluminum Corp.’s Highline metal wall panels feature varying rib patterns and widths for creative architectural effects. Highline panels are 1 3/8-inches deep and offered in 12-inch or 16-inch widths. No-clip or clip-fastened options accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. Panels come in steel and aluminum in multiple gauges, and are covered by a 30-year finish warranty. Highline panels are available in 45 Pac-Clad colors, 30 of which meet Energy Star requirements.

Coatings/Paint Product

Opaci-Coat-300 – ICD High Performance Coatings

ICD High Performance Coatings’ Opaci-Coat-300, a sustainable silicone water-based spandrel glass coating, is now listed on Product MasterSpec. The coating can be sprayed, roller- or curtain-coated on to glass and dried by water evaporation, curing the silicone to the glass surface. It does not break down when exposed to UV rays, and the silicone surface can be repaired if scratched in the field, according to the company. Opaci-Coat-300 is applied to glass after tempering, which prevents color shifts brought about by very high heat and results in predictable color for spandrel glass, according to the company.



The Screen-Line pleated black-out shades between the glass product line from Intigral offers privacy and solar glare reduction via the blinds-between-glass concept. The blinds are made from 100-percent black-out fabric available in white or beige. The company says there are no visible holes and the “C”-shaped, black spacer bar reduces the light passing through the perimeter.

Curtainwall/Window Wall

Fully Integrated Building Envelopes – Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE) offers fully integrated building envelopes. According to company information, OBE is the only manufacturer that designs, engineers, tests and manufactures curtainwall, windows, storefronts, skylights and glass seamlessly from one source.

Dynamic Glass

Integrated With Amazon Echo – Sageglass

To provide building occupants with additional personalization preferences, SageGlass has officially integrated with Amazon Echo to allow occupants to control the tint of the glass using voice commands. Occupants can make statements such as “Alexa, ask SageGlass to reduce glare,” or “Alexa, ask SageGlass to let the warm sunshine in,” and watch the glass tint in accordance to the command. Along with ease of use, this capability can be integrated with other building management systems as voice controls continue to grow in popularity. SageGlass is compatible with all versions of Amazon Echo and documentation for system integrators will be made avail-able later this year.

Fire-Rated Product

Keralite SafeGuard – Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Keralite SafeGuard by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is a fire-protective-rated glazing product designed to protect against fire, accidental impact and forced-entry. According to the company, testing shows that the product provides an additional two to four minutes of incident response time, as well as fire-protection for 20 minutes to three hours. It also has a 97.1 color rendering index and a low haze value.

Primary Glass Product

Guardian – Clarity Coated Glass

Clarity anti-reflective glass from Guardian Glass was created for glazing applications in which excessive glare and reflection create an obstruction and where outstanding transparency is desired. The glass is designed to help facades achieve more light transmittance and less reflection, delivering eye-popping optical properties for premium facade experiences, or any application in which a stunning view is an advantage, according to the company. Used in combination with other Guardian glass products, it can also enhance energy performances through thermal insulation and/or solar control.

Fabricated/Specialty Glass

Jumbo Coated Glass – Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass began producing jumbo coated glass in North America this year in Carleton, Mich., where it is coating float glass with its SuperNeutral® 68 HT coating. This jumbo coater is Guardian’s 12th globally and the company’s first in North America.

The company’s jumbo glass standard size is 130- by 204-inches, as well as special orders at 130- by 240-inches. The jumbo glass lites are available in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-mm thicknesses, with coatings available on clear, tinted and low-iron float glass substrates.

Glass Cleaner

Foaming Glass Cleaner – Spray-X

Spray-X is a foaming glass cleaner that uses clinging foam to break up soils and hold them, even on vertical surfaces with-out dripping, running or streaking. The cleaner has an industrial-strength formulation and cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, and doesn’t require rinsing, according to the company. It’s also ammonia-free. Spray-X foaming glass cleaner is available in 19-ounce, 15-ounce and 10-ounce sizes. The company offers private label programs in all three sizes for OEM customers, and in 19-ounce and 4-ounce sizes for short-run production.

Handling and Lifting Equipment

SkyLifter SL400 – SmartLift U.S.SmartLift US offers the SkyLifter SL400, designed for multi-story curtainwall projects. All SmartLift Equipment comes standard with the features users need to set glass: side shift, re-mote control, 1/64th of inch movements, and over-sized foam filled tires.

Door/Window Hardware

Bohle Slider – Bohle

The new Bohle slider features carriages that run quietly making the glass door seem like it’s floating when being opened and closed. Measurement is not required to mount the glass in the clamping mechanism, and the clamp is placed flush with the edge of the glass. Special clamping inserts provide a secure and firm hold of the disc. The new slider offers a range of solutions in both residential and commercial areas and can be used for a variety of design styles. This sliding door system works with the same profile in every weight category, so even with weight classes up to 150 kg the track profiles maintain a narrow appearance.

Inspection Equipment

iLooK Distortion, iLooK Anisotropy – Glaston

As part of the Glaston Insight ecosystem, the company is helping customers learn what better data means in glass tempering, laminating and bending. The company has expanded its family of iLooK automatic online quality control systems to now include the iLooK Distortion, iLooK Anisotropy or combined, to accurately scan glass online. All tempered glasses are scanned automatically, releasing glass processing operators from manual measurements and letting them focus on other production needs instead, according to the company.

Insulating Glass Spacer/Component Product

Vacuum IG – Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass introduced its Vacuum IG product this year, which it says delivers transformative thermal insulation that can lower glass U-value from 0.25 to 0.07 in an insulating glass unit. According to company information, the design includes two glass lites that are sealed airtight. A vacuum is created in the space between two panes. With no air or gas between the panes, heat has no medium by which to transfer, ac-cording to the company.

Interlayer/Laminated Glass Product

Vanceva Illusion White – Eastman

Eastman expanded its Vanceva White Collection to include Vanceva Illusion White. This translucent gradient PVB interlayer for laminated glass offers the ability to transition from medium translucence to full transparency. The interlayer can be a substitute for ceramic frits, painting or printing with acid etching or silk-screening. Vanceva Illusion White starts with the medium-level translucence of the Arctic Snow white interlayer, which offers a visible light transmission of 65 percent, and fades to clear within a 30-cm gradient. Eastman developed Illusion White for use in balcony applications to help hide certain aspects of construction while fading to clear for an uncompromised view. It can be combined with Safl ex Structural (DG) for its inherent laminated safety aspects such as post breakage behavior. It offers the same benefits of laminated glass, including safety, security, soundproofing, solar protection and storm protection, and is also compatible with all Safl ex PVB interlayers.

Low Maintenance Coating Equipment

FuseRocket – Diamon Fusion International

The new FuseRocket from Diamon Fusion International (DFI) is a bilateral, in-line hydrophobic coating machine that streamlines the application of the Diamon-Fusion protective coating via a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Its horizontal design seamlessly integrates into any tempering line, and coats both sides of the glass; it can also alternate to single-sided. The FuseRocket comes in 4, 6, and 8 feet in depth sizes, and has a footprint of 30 square feet. It can treat up to 57,600 square feet of glass per hour and can coat any type of glass, such as IG units, shower doors, heavy fabricated glass, etc., adjusting for various glass sizes.

Machinery: Automation Edging Equipment

Integrated with Robotics – Adelio Lattuada

Adelio Lattuada offers customized integration solutions, including robotics that can move glass between two vertical machines situated across from each other. Features of the company’s Lattuada Robotic Solution include automatic and integrated online-measuring of the glass; automatic adjustment of the speed according to the glass size; continuous production for a higher productivity (compared to the fixed distance solution); and the ability to rotate the glass 90° or 180°.

In addition, the company’s vertical edgers can be motorized instead of manually set up, requiring less time by the operator to prepare the machine.

Machinery – Cutting Equipment and CNC Equipment

37 LM and Master Series CNC – Intermac

The Genius LM range from Inter-mac is a dedicated laminate system designed to cover production needs up to 300 meters squared per shift. The 37 LM was developed for easy handling of glass sheets with a laser protector and maximum line of sight along the cutting line. The result is a consistent, high-quality cut with polyvinyl butyral always aligned with the glass, according to the company. A movable bridge with a measurement register that slides under the table allows total access to the work area making it easy to move the glass sheets. The 37 LM also features tilt arms that automatically ex-tend and retract, requiring no manual adjustment by the machine operator.

Also from Intermac, the Master Series CNC work center is designed with long-lasting reliability to create complex projects. Master Series provides maximum machining flexibility thanks to a wide choice of work bed sizes and optional features. The five-axis head with endless rotation C-axis and tilting head A-axis (from -90 to +90 degrees) ensures excellent flexibility and the execution of complex machining operations, according to the company.

Machinery – Insulating Glass

Jumbo’sealer – Bystronic

The Bystronic glass sealing robot jumbo’sealer is a solution for efficient insulating glass unit (IGUs) sealing in maxi sizes. In contrast to the static mixing system, the jumbo’sealer features a dynamic mixer that works with a reduced material pressure. It has a fl ow rate of up to 6 liters per minute, and is able to seal even deep spacer setbacks of rectangular units compared to other machines in the market, according to the company. With the XXL version, glass sizes up to 18 m in length at a total weight of up to 10 tons can be sealed, for up to four-sided stepped IGUs.

It also has an automatic material changing system that allows for operator-free changing of the sealing material, from polysulphide to silicone for instance, inside two minutes. In addition, there are several undergripping options in the discharge area that support the removal of the fully sealed jumbo units.

Machinery – Handling, Sorting, Storage

Remnant Storage System – Billco

The remnant storage system from Billco identifies, stores and reclaims remnants for maximum cutting yields. It minimizes idle time by optimizing glass fl ow and reducing manual glass handling, while keeping operators safe. The modular, expandable design includes features such as sub-plate cutting, dual-axis automated remnant breakout and multi-slot storage. It’s driven by optimization software that helps users improve yields, according to the company.

Miscellaneous Machinery

F Type F K Series Line – Tecglass

With the new F Type F K Series line, Tecglass introduces a versatile, multi-functional machine engineered to meet the needs of single- and multi-pass high-speed mass production processes. It can also deliver high performance in speed, efficiency, precision and a powerful ink jet stream for multicolor printing on large glass lites, according to the company. The F Type F K Series technology makes it possible to print glass sizes up to and including approximately 177 inches by 47 inches in single pass, and larger sizes in multi passes, in just a few seconds. The F Type F K Series performance features include a single-pass print speed of 20 seconds for glass sized approximately 177 inches by 47 inches (single color) and a multi-pass print speed of 90 seconds for glass sized approximately 177 inches by 98 inches (single color). It can be upgraded for up to seven color channels and 72 single print heads (1,000 nozzles per color)/36 print heads for dual-color technology. It prints up to 1,440 dpi print resolution and utilizes simultaneous drying technology.

Protective Glazing

Childgard – Global Security Glazing

As school officials across the country look for ways to improve safety and security in their facilities, glass fabricator Global Security Glazing is working to educate them about the capabilities of specialized glazing solutions, such as Childgard security glazing. Childgard glazing is a laminated security glass construction that’s designed for use in school and educational facilities to withstand forced-entry scenarios. Avail-able for both new and retrofit applications, Childgard glazing can be used in insulating glass units and paired with high-performance, tinted and other glass options to meet safety, energy and other design goals. It is designed to withstand extensive physical attack in a forced-entry scenario.


Saflex Sound-Pro – Eastman

Eastman has developed a Saflex Sound-Pro acoustic glazing calculator that allows architects and engineers to compare a variety of glazing components and technologies to determine optimal glazing configurations for specific acoustic performance targets. Sound-Pro offers two modes to generate calculations. The product selector mode requires users to input acoustic performance targets using global standards of Sound Transmission Class (STC), Outside Inside Transmission Class (OITC) and Reduction Index (Rw). The calculator then identifies the acoustic glazing solutions that meet these specifications. The second mode is the glazing configurator, which provides estimates for custom designed glazing systems. Users have a range of variables to consider, including the type of acoustic interlayer, glass thickness, air space, types of insulating glass and design strategies. Once a calculation is complete, users have the option to refine these selections, and then receive a detailed report including acoustic ratings, test details, a sound transmission loss chart, glazing configuration details and more.


FeneVision CRM – FeneTech

FeneVision CRM from FeneTech is a centralized system for scheduling activities with customers or prospects. Users can record the details of all interactions including tasks, phone calls, notes and appointments. FeneVision CRM also allows users to track lead sources and report customers’ activities using desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. The company’s FeneVision LineScanner, powered by Softsolution, has the ability to check anisotropy and edge stress in addition to geometry, surface quality and DMC codes. FENml (fenestration manufacturing language) is a baseline communication standard that uses the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 concepts to allow all stakeholders (fabricators, ma-chine manufacturers, software providers and suppliers) to “speak” the same language, according to the company.

Tools and Supplies

Low-E Card and Low-E Card+ – EDTM

EDTM introduced two new credit-card-sized low-E coating detectors. The Low-E Card and Low-E Card+ offer low-cost options for identifying low-E coatings on glass, in the size of a credit card. These ultra-thin and compact models will identify the presence of low-E coatings on a single piece of glass. The glass can be monolithic or installed in an insulating unit. The AE2200 Low-E Card is a disposable model that can be used to conduct 1,000 tests. There are no metal contacts to scratch the glass surface. The AE2250 Low-E Card+ offers a replaceable battery de-sign that can be used indefinitely. This “+” model will differentiate if the low-E coating is on surface 1, surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated.


8-foot high Atlas Glass Truck Body – offers a 9-foot long by 8-foot high Atlas glass truck body with the Ford F250 bed. Its new features are engineered to upgrade capacity for transporting more glass per trip. Glass carrying bottom ledges are 8 inches deep—three inches deeper than the company’s standard ledge—and run the full length of the rack uninterrupted by fenders. The rear of the rack is equipped with a 2-foot long telescoping, horizontal extension to support wider sheets of glass. There’s also a newly de-signed goal post-to-front bumper metal carrier. It features low-friction plastic cross-bar covers that prevent scratches and make it easy to slide on long pieces of storefront window frame. Racks feature posts and slats made from strong, custom aluminum extrusions to support glass, full-length horizontal and vertical padding to protect glass’s surface, and fabrication with Huck aircraft-grade fasteners. A steel sub-frame provides a rigid glass transport platform and a stable connection to the vehicle’s frame. A flat, interior slip-resistant deck accessed by a rear step-bumper provides floor space for crates and tools. Adjustable poles with triangular neoprene cleats are included for securing cargo of varying thickness, and optional E-track and straps are installed on the inside and outside racks.

Door/Window Product

NX-300 Series – Kawneer

The newly updated NX-300 Series thermal window from Kawneer is an architectural-grade window ideal for historical window restorations in low to-mid and high-rise commercial, education, residential and public projects. The NX-300 Series thermal window achieves the look of a historical window without compromising critical performance factors. The system is engineered to meet all critical structural, water and thermal performance demands at a low price point, according to the company. Made from aluminum and designed for durability, the putty-glazed, beveled sash look of NX-300 Series thermal windows are available in a variety of casement outswing, project-out (awning), fixed, and fixed over project-out configurations. Key features include a 3 ¼-inch depth frame, minimal sight-lines for historical replication needs, AAMA architectural grade ratings up to AW-PG90 on most common configurations, punched openings and design and installation options for replacing wood or steel.

3250 Series – Winco Window Co.

Winco Window Co.’s 3250 Series historic steel replica windows are designed to replicate the historic look of buildings in coastal areas. Capable of withstanding up to 200-mph hurricane winds, Winco’s 3250 Series steel replica windows are hurricane-impact tested to meet AAMA Certification criteria, as well as cost efficiency, energy conservation and property protection. For hospitals, schools, shelters and public buildings where performance is mandatory and aesthetics are important, Winco’s 3250 Series steel replica windows provide the look and feel of old with the strength and hurricane performance of newer windows.

YSD 600 T – YKK AP

The YSD 600 T from YKK AP America Inc. is a thermally-broken, low threshold sliding glass door designed to enable architects and contractors to incorporate accessibility needs into their projects easily. The YSD 600 T provides an additional entrance option for accessible de-sign, and is particularly suited for multifamily, hotels, condominiums and multi-purpose buildings. It offers options for standard- or low-profile thresholds. Designed to provide enhanced structural capabilities without the need for added reinforcement, the YSD 600 T accepts standard tempered 1-inch thick insulating units.

Decorative Glass

Backpainted Glass/Glass Marker Boards – General Glass International

GGI has expanded its collection of back-painted glass with the addition of 28 new environmentally-friendly colors. The durable, water-soluble colors are applied to ultra-transparent low iron glass. They can also be applied to the company’s Noonan Collection or its ready-to-print custom graphic designs for a more dramatic aesthetic. The back painted glass is versatile, hygienic and easy-to-clean, according to the company, and is ideal for commercial and residential applications such as wall-cladding, furniture and backsplashes.

Scintilla – Sensitile Systems

Sensitile System’s resin, terrazzo and glass products are designed to interact with light through filtering, reflecting and emitting to create effects. Some can reflect ambient light while others can be paired with edge lighting to brighten a space. Scintilla, for example, uses thousands of internal, light-conducting channels activated by shadow movement, light and color to create an interactive surface The company’s glass products are suitable for projects requiring a higher surface hardness, and with a laminate resin core qualifies as a safety glazing material. The products can be used for countertops, flooring, facades, backsplashes, showers, partitions, walls and other decorative applications.

Glass Flooring

Liteflam Fire-Rated Floor – GreenLite Glass Systems

Liteflam is a fire-rated glass flooring system that allows architects to use glass in a variety of applications where traditionally only concrete and steel could be used.

The glass floor system is load bearing and fire-rated from one to two hours. It can be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface, with a standard live loading of 100 psf, and can also be engineered for high requirements, according to the company.

Glass Wall System

HSW-ES – Dormakaba

Dormakaba’s new horizontal slid-ing wall solution (HSW-ES) can be used for unlimited interior design options. The wall system offers advantages for transparency, acoustics and safety, according to the company. The HSW-ES can be parked in a range of different positions to accommodate existing structures or unusual layouts that require special solutions, particularly in the design of the stacking area. The stack of panels can be aligned parallel or square to the façade, and be readily visible for effect or hidden behind columns. The system can be constructed in a range of different confgurations to suit the intstallation site, prevailing structural conditions and the planning concept.

Machinery – Drilling

Top-Drill CNC – Lisec

Lisec America recently became the North American distributor for Schraml machines, including the top-Drill CNC milling/drilling center, which is designed for fast and straightforward processing of glass doors, shower doors, kitchen backsplashes or similar products that are typically run in small batches. The machine does not require set-up or tooling times, and can manufacture a shower door in an average time of four minutes, according to the company.

Machinery – Bevelers, Edgers, Polishers, Seamers

BFT and BFP – DeGorter

The BFT and BFP double edging ma-chines from Schiatti Angelo srl, represented in the U.S. by DeGorter, can be integrated into smart factories’ production process. The company’s software provides solutions to optimize the production cycle and increase customer satisfaction by reducing operational costs and increasing productivity. In addition, with continual technological improvements and digitalization in manufacturing, they’ve also been developed to improve automation machine-to-machine and human-to-machine.

Glass Edging and Polishing Equipment – HHH Tempering Resources

HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) is the exclusive Hiseng North American machinery distributor and service provider. Hiseng offers glass edging and polishing equipment. The North American-specific product line features double automatic edging, straight-line edging, beveling and mitering machines. Key features include continuous automatic glass size detection, touchscreen-enabled polishing wheel adjustments, ERP integration and multiple line configurations.

Machinery – Washer

BHW Horizontal Glass Washing Machine – Bavelloni

The new Bavelloni BHW horizontal glass washing machine is suitable for cleaning and drying all types of float glass. Available in sizes from 51 to 130 inches, it can be used by itself or integrated in a production line. It features a wide use of stainless steel in the ma-chine body, as well as in the washing and rinsing sections. The rollers are made of vulcanized rubber. As a standard, the washing and rinsing sections use four nylon brushes and four stainless steel spraying bars. An extra pair of brushes is available if high washing quality is required. The drying section uses four stainless steel air knives for better drying capability. Even at a high working speed, an additional set of air knives can be added. The blower is installed on top (platform included). This washer can be customized with several options such as: top pre-washing, motorized height adjustment, kit for low-E glass washing, water heating, low/high speed mode, electrical interface with other machines and more.

Machinery – Tempering

ATS 4.0 – Mappi

The ATS 4.0 from Mappi International incorporates the latest innovations including computer-managed movements, allowing precise heating and air temperatures for tempering. The ATS 4.0 furnace is user friendly and efficient. It features the GHBS Extreme Convection System, which maximizes the production cycle modulating the pressure of the air in single areas with energy savings up to 20 percent, according to the company. In addition, its new Tab Service provides 24/7 online assistance available globally.

Shower Door Products

Titan Series Phantom – 310 Tempering

The Titan Series Phantom from 310 Tempering features an all glass, double rail header system made from three pieces of 3/8-inch low iron tempered glass laminated together using two pieces of structural interlayer. This patent-pending design has been tested extensively to ensure safety and durability. In the unlikely event that the two outer rails were to break, the doors will remain hanging and will slide open to allow occupants to exit.

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