Transportation companies are keeping size in mind at GlassBuild America, which is now open at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas., F. Barkow and Unruh all offer products to meet the needs of companies transporting larger glass sizes. debuted several new features at GlassBuild, including a rear sliding extension and larger ledges to accommodate larger glass sizes.

According to Michael Frett, sales director for, the company is debuting its latest updates at the show this year. The ledges on its body truck racks have been extended from 5 inches to 8 inches. The company also introduced a rear sliding extension that allows glaziers to lay glass an extra 21 inches past the 9-foot

F. Barkow has new rollers for interior racks to make loading glass inside a van or truck smoother.


Other new innovations from include a plastic material on top of cross bars, which prevents materials from being scratched by rubbing up against the aluminum rack underneath the protective material. The company also debuted a new safety feature. A level device on the back of the truck will indicate if glass has been overloaded on one side.

Barkow introduced a roller for its interior racks, which makes it easier to place glass inside a van of truck. The roller is made with polyurethane over steal to protect the glass. F. Barkow president John Weise said that companies can request larger body sizes if they are transporting large glass.

Unruh has noticed an increase in ledge board sizes in custom design requests as companies transport larger glass sizes.

Unruh is showing its 12-foot enclosed aluminum tarp body and 9-foot aluminum open. According to Robin Donker, sales representative for the company, Unruh makes many of its racks custom, meaning that much of what they create is new. Some trends she has noticed are a growing demand for enclosed racks with weather protection and aluminum for its lighter weight.

Many companies request larger large boards to move larger glass sizes.

“Everything’s getting bigger,” says Donker.

GlassBuild America continues through Friday, September 14, 2018. Check™ throughout the week for continuing coverage of the event.