Trina Solar, a global solar panel company that focuses on the research, development and production of photovoltaic modules, announced that it plans to open a new distribution facility in Nairobi, Kenya. The facility will act as a regional hub for East Africa and will allow Trina Solar to achieve faster delivery times throughout the region.

“Kenya is a strategic market for solar energy consumption,” says Antonio Jimenez, managing director and vice president of Trina Solar. “By opening a second facility in Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy, we take a step that underlines the company’s growing footprint in Africa to cater to the rapidly-growing demand for solar energy in generating power for residential, commercial and industrial needs, in addition to farming and agriculture.”

Trina Solar says that the estimated solar potential in Kenya is nearly 15,000 MW. The company’s newest photovoltaic module, the vertex panel, is suited perfectly for hot climates, such as in Kenya, says Trina Solar. This is due to the panel’s lower temperature coefficient and operating temperature, which generates a large amount of energy even in a limited space.

“With the presence of the new next-generation photovoltaic vertex panels in the continent, we are confident that making our products available locally will enable us to become the provider of preference for our customers,” says Jimenez. “As we focus on bringing cutting-edge technology and innovation to the region, Trina Solar is glad to be providing renewable and sustainable energy solutions to the country and continent at large.”

Trina Solar’s announcement comes as Kenya seeks to modernize and ensure that its manufacturing industry is powered by clean and reliable energy. The modernization push is called “Kenya’s Vision 2030.”