Toronto-based Triple Seal Ltd., which includes Independent Mirror Industries, announced the acquisition of the Guardian Rexdale, Ontario, facility from Guardian Industries Canada Corp, whose parent company is Guardian Industries Corp. in Auburn Hills, Mich. The acquisition will add laminated glass to Triple Seal’s fabrication product line as well as increased capacity for tempering, fabricating and insulating glass units, according to the announcement.

Plans are already under way to add new technologies to the Rexdale plant with the installation of a heat soak oven used to test tempered glass for applications such as balcony railings. The Guardian Rexdale facility will now be named Triple Seal Rexdale and orders will be honored going forward.

“This is a very exciting time for Triple Seal. We see huge business potential as we are acquiring solid production capabilities with great people, leading edge equipment, and a strong customer base,” says Mark Franklin, president of Triple Seal Ltd. Franklin adds that the company had been researching and preparing for this acquisition for many months, and the combined strength of both companies is a great opportunity for Triple Seal to deliver greater value to customers through increased capacity and broader product offering.

According to a statement from Guardian, “The development is a result of a comprehensive and deliberate process by Guardian to regularly look at all its business activities and understand the long term competitiveness and viability of each location within the company. This process is a key element in ensuring the long term profitability of Guardian.”

Specific terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.