Ubiquitous Energy has installed fully transparent, electricity-generating windows featuring UE Power in a newly constructed, energy-efficient building with developer Morgan Creek Ventures. Boulder Commons II, located at 2530 Junction Place, is part of a series of energy-efficient commercial office buildings in Boulder, Colo., from Morgan Creek Ventures.

Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent photovoltaic coating, UE Power, developed over a decade with the glass industry after being invented at MIT, generates electricity from non-visible light while looking virtually invisible. The UE Power coating generates electricity on the full surface of the window glass without patterns, borders or color tints. The electricity is collected and transmitted through wiring built discreetly into the window frame. It can then be fed into the building to power a variety of products or increase the building’s overall energy efficiency.

These windows can be used in addition to solar cells on a rooftop or other parts of a building, increasing the area available for power generation by enabling the full facade area to collect energy.

“Everyone loves the look of glass, and our transparent solar technology enables earth-friendly energy efficiency without compromising on the beautiful design aesthetics of glass. We are very pleased to have UE Power transparent solar windows as part of Morgan Creek’s new energy-efficient building in Boulder working in conjunction with the traditional solar panels mounted on the building,” said Veeral Hardev, vice president of strategy. “This installation serves as a great model of how UE Power transparent solar technology can be integrated into commercial buildings to help make them more energy-efficient and help achieve net-zero energy. We want every window to be electricity generating, while remaining invisible to allow people see clearly out to the world.”