Ubiquitous Energy has begun work on a new research and testing program for the company’s ClearView Power (CVP) technology, a transparent solar coating that can be applied to the vertical surfaces of buildings, turning traditional windows into electricity-generating windows.

The research program is being funded partially by a $3 million grant awarded from the California Energy Commission (BRIDGE). Ubiquitous will be working with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and its Windows Group, experts in the testing of windows and window-coating performance. The research and testing program with the lab will focus on the testing and validation of the performance of CVP.

“We are working to accelerate the development and testing of CVP so that it can be used by the glass and window industry for window energy-efficiency,” says Ubiquitous Energy CTO Miles Barr. “This … patent-protected technology will provide a truly transparent energy harvesting solution to the building integrated photovoltaic market, enabling zero net energy buildings and beyond.”