Business Intelligence Group awarded Ubiquitous Energy, a developer of transparent solar technology for architectural glass, the 2022 Green Company of the Year BIG Award for Business. The award recognizes the company’s progress in developing and deploying green energy solutions at scale.

“We are so proud to reward Ubiquitous Energy for their outstanding 2022 leadership and achievements,” says Maria Jimenez, chief nomination officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “This year’s group of winners have shown that resilience and determination are ‘must-haves’ in today’s economy.”

The Business Intelligence Group says that it believes Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent, energy-generating solar windows are poised to be the next big breakthrough in a product that has remained mostly unchanged for centuries.

“[This year] has been a year of change and great progress for the next generation. We are so honored to receive this award at this critical time,” says Ubiquitous Energy CEO Susan Stone. “We are inspired to move forward with big things in 2023.”

The news follows Ubiquitous Energy’s partnership with Andersen Corp to jointly develop energy-generating door and window products that will “revolutionize solar generation for residential and light commercial buildings,” according to an Andersen news release.

Ubiquitous Energy was founded in 2011 by MIT and MSU technologists searching for ways to integrate solar power technology into everyday products.