United Plate Glass (UPG) is now applying Diamon-Fusion International’s (DFI) protective coating with its new FuseCube.

“We are enhancing our line of fabricated glass and commitment to our customers,” said Mike Cully, president of UPG. “Glass goes into the FuseCube unprotected and comes out as a high-performing surface that reduces maintenance, looks beautiful for longer and guards against dust, debris, rain water and other environmental pollutants. It’s a transformative process, and huge for the longevity and performance cycles of insulating glass (IG) units.”

UPG will treat storefronts, glass railings, spandrels and more. In addition to applying Diamon-Fusion on their IG units, UPG will also use the coating on its line of shower doors and heavy fabricated glass. The 37-year-old fabricator has also elected to treat its entire fabrication facility with Diamon-Fusion.

“What better way to demonstrate to the public the benefits of Diamon-Fusion glass treatment than applying it to our own facility,” said Cully. “This way we’re not just talking the talk, but we’re walking the walk.”

Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds with the silica in glass, creating an ultra-thin, invisible barrier. Similar in functionality to a non-stick cooking pan, the protected surface becomes highly water and oil repellent, resistant to environmental pollutants and easy to clean.

“Mike, and the team at UPG are a force in the industry. Partnering with them and helping initiate these bold efforts is exciting,” said Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development at DFI.