The Usable Glass Strength Coalition (UGSC) awarded an $80,000 grant to the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in Golden, Co., to carry out research that aims to improve the understanding of manufactured glass products’ strength properties.

“I am excited about the Usable Glass Strength Coalition’s recent award of a research contact with The Colorado School of Mines,” says Jeff Shock, UGSC board chairman and research and development platform leader of glass technology at Johns Manville. “This is our second contract that meets the UGSC’s mission for industry coalition funding of fundamental, academic-based research into the mechanisms for glass’ loss of intrinsic strength through interaction with environmental exposure of pristine surfaces.”

According to Shock, CSM’s proposal was selected after careful review and consideration of 13 submitted proposals, building on the coalition’s continuing funding of research conducted at Pennsylvania State University. “I encourage other glass industry manufacturers and suppliers to join the UGSC and help us expand our fundamental knowledge of glass surfaces and interactions with the environment that leads to loss in strength,” he says.

The research, “Fundamental Understanding of Strength Limiting Flaws in Multi-Component Glass,” will be led by principle investigator, Ivar Reimanis, Herman F. Coors distinguished professor of ceramic engineering.

“The opportunity to apply the most modern, atomistic-level tools to examine strength-limiting flaws in glass is truly inspiring, and we at Mines are looking forward to making an impact,” says Dr. Reimanis.

Research commences this month, with initial funding for one year.  The research project will run concurrently with UGSC’s current research project with Pennsylvania State University, Controlling and understanding reactive surface sites on multicomponent glasses, which has been renewed for its fourth year.