USGlass magazine and™ has kicked off its first annual Pro Football Pick’em Challenge for members of the architectural glass and glazing industry.

The pool is free to enter. Participants simply log in each week to pick each NFL game for that week, and points are tallied up automatically. Every participant can see how they stack up against others.

The weekly winner will receive a $50 gift card**, and the overall season victor will get two tickets to next year’s home-opener of his or her choice*, compliments of USGlass.

**In the event of a weekly tie, competitors’ picks will be compared head-to-head from the Monday night game, to the Sunday night game, to the Thursday night game. If a winner still can’t be determined, tied parties will split the winnings.

To learn more and sign up for FREE, click here, click “Register” and enter the password usglassfootball.

*Note: Only direct members of the architectural glass industry are eligible to receive the grand prize.

Please include your company name in your username. For example, “Nick USGlass.” Direct any questions to Nick at