USGlass magazine was named a finalist in two awards programs this week, including the Jesse H. Neal Awards, dubbed “the Pulitzer Prize of business journalism.” Editor Ellen Rogers was nominated in the technical article category for her article, “Less than Zero,” which reports on the industry’s opportunity to drive down its embodied carbon emissions.

“The Neal Awards have long recognized the best of the best in B2B journalism,” said Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) president Jeff Joseph. “We are particularly proud of this year’s honorees who produced reliable data, content, and services during a period of global upheaval and uncertainty – an era in which producing trusted, accurate information that provides critical business intelligence took on increased importance, perhaps more so than any time ever before.”

“Getting nominated for a Neal Award is a huge accomplishment—and this is Ellen’s fourth time being included in such a prestigious group of journalists,” said Tara Taffera, editorial director. “We could not be more proud of her for this accomplishment and her contribution to the industry. It’s a bonus that the news is delivered during Women in Construction Week. Ellen deserves to be celebrated as a woman who makes a difference in this field.”

“This is a great honor for Ellen, for USGlass magazine, for Tara and our entire editorial team,” said publisher Debra Levy.

Rogers’ carbon article was also nominated as a national and regional finalist in the Azbee awards by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE), also in the technical category.

USGlass and its sister publication, the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal, also received ASBPE nominations in the following categories:

  • USGlass: Design – Infographics, Saundra Hutchison, art director; Nick St. Denis, director of research;
  • USGlass: Front Cover-Photo, June 2021; Dawn Campbell, art director/managing editor; Ellen Rogers, editor;
  • Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal: Design – Front Cover-Photo, Spring 2021; Saundra Hutchison, art director
  • Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal: Design – Front Cover-Photo, Fall 2021;  Saundra Hutchison, art director; Ellen Rogers, editor.

The Neal winners will be announced during an in-person ceremony to be held in New York City on April 26. The ASBPE Awards will be announced in Cleveland on May 12.