This special section highlights products from USGlass magazine’s Annual Readers Choice Awards, which are selected by you: our readers. The results stem from a survey that included all of the products from the USGlass Showcase section, Annual New Products Guide, as well as products advertised throughout the year. Product submissions are welcome throughout the year, and may be emailed to

Architectural Metal Product

PPG Duranar Coatings
PPG’s Duranar coatings were designed to protect window frames, railings, curtainwall and other aluminum end-uses. They are available in a variety of options, including liquid and powder. The coating is resistant to chalking, fading, chipping and peeling, and is available in a wide range of warm, earth tone colors, according to the company.

Fluorocarbon Powder Coatings from Southern Aluminum Finishing
Combined with SAF’s zero-discharge pretreatment system, the company’s fluorocarbon powder coatings are safe for the environment, as they release no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. SAF’s AAMA 2605 fluorocarbon coatings have the same performance as liquid Kynar, and, properly applied, do not have an “orange peel” appearance, according to the company.
In addition, the SAF paint line has a low environmental footprint and a zero discharge pre-treat system that is designed to meet or exceed EPA requirements, according to SAF. The company’s coating line is automated, can handle panels and assemblies up to 3-by-8-by-24 feet and is highly automated– with conveyor and curing ovens to help speed the curing.

Stretch Forming from Linetec
Stretch Forming by Linetec is designed to allow architectural product manufacturers to have their metal building components curved and finished in one location. Stretch forming is the newest service Linetec has added to benefit customers seeking not only paint, anodize and powder coat, but also field repair and restoration, thermal improvement and other support for finished aluminum products, according to the company.
Born from the aerospace industry, stretch forming maintains precise dimensions throughout a curve, according to the company. The extrusion is kept under constant tension, while wrapping it around a form, or die. Half-circles, eyebrows and Gothic arches are typical for architectural applications including a hotel skylight, a mall archway or a skyscraper’s glass and metal facing.
To deliver the new stretch forming services, Linetec teamed with Southern Stretch Forming. Southern Stretch is headquartered in Texas with production facilities in California and Pennsylvania. The company is providing a full scope of bending capabilities on Linetec’s Wisconsin campus.

Component Products

Vacuum Insulating Panels from Dow Corning
Dow Corning vacuum insulation panels utilize thin-profile insulation panel technology that is ideal for a wide range of applications. According to the company, the product features five to ten times better thermal resistance than conventional insulation materials.
The panels, which are silver (aluminum) in color, offer compressive strength, good fire rating performance and very low U-value, according to the company.

Gaskets and Sealing Compounds from Lauren Manufacturing
Lauren Manufacturing offers engineered sealing solutions, including curtainwall gaskets, storefront gaskets and commercial building gaskets. The solutions use high-performance materials, are UL fire-rated, water resistant and antimicrobial, according to the company.

Decorative Glass Products

Glass Countertops from ThinkGlass
ThinkGlass, a glass design and manufacturing studio in Quebec, offers a variety of glass countertop styles. Using 100-percent recyclable glass, the company combines technology and sustainable practices to create an array of custom glass options. According to the company, though glass countertops appear to be delicate, they are as strong and durable as any natural stone or man-made countertop surface.

Walker Textures Acid-Etched Glass
The Walker Textures Satinlite program is the latest development from Walker Glass. The new line can be used in interior or exterior applications and its refined etching removes the glare from the surface of the glass, the company says, making the colors and images stand out. It is available in various substrates and thicknesses from 3-mm to 12-mm. Some substrates such as the 6-mm Starphire are available in quantities less than 4,000 pounds.

Digital Distinctions from Viracon
DigitalDistinctions by Viracon combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing into one solution for all glass-printing applications, according to the company. DigitalDistinctions allows its users to print a vast number of colors on glass with complete predictability, repeatability and ceramic ink durability. It also offers UV resistance, transparency and scratch resistance, while applying Viracon’s solar control coatings directly over the digital image, according to the company.

Door Products

5XPT Sliding Glass Doors from EFCO
The 5XPT sliding glass doors from EFCO are designed to meet stringent weather-related requirements, with the added benefit of thermal performance. Ideal for use in high-rise condominiums and hotels, the 5XPT incorporates the E-Strut thermal barrier, which enhances energy savings and condensation resistance, according to the company. The doors can accommodate glazing up to 13/16-inches, allowing for a wide range of glazing options.
The sliding glass doors have a low sill profile and, according to the company, are intended for use in impact-rated and extreme-weather environments. Mating fixed frames are also available.

CRL290 Series Top Hung Sliding Door Systems
The CRL290 Series top hung sliding door systems from C.R. Laurence are available for wall, ceiling or dropped ceiling applications. The CRL290, in conjunction with the 295 Series with integrated Softbrake braking system, can accommodate doors weighing up to 264 pounds. Softbrake is designed to engage during the last 4-inches of door travel to ensure smooth operation, and prevent the glass panels from colliding into the frame or each other. CRL’s five new locking ladder pulls add features that align with the A.D.A.’s requirements for more inclusive openings, according to the company. The alloy 316 stainless steel product line features a smaller diameter housing that gives the hardware a contemporary aesthetic while providing specially designed A.D.A. compliant thumb turn mechanisms. The new designs house a fully concealed deadbolt and an interchangeable core that allows for easy maintenance of internal components. The pulls also help eliminate any bending/kneeling to lock/unlock doors.

Panda’s Lift-and-Slide Door System
Panda’s lift-and-slide door system is a specially engineered multi-slide door system that incorporates a European inspired-design and hardware set. With the use of a large leverage handle, the operator engages a double v-gasket seal at the top and bottom by turning the handle to lock the door.
The panels use their own weight to compress the seals thus creating a completely weather-tight wall system when in the “down” position, according to the company. When in the “up” position, the panels, which weigh 200 pounds or more, are moved easily with a few pounds of pressure.
The track features include four recessed options, either with or without a drain channel, and the only visible track is a 3/16-rail protruding from the finished floor.

CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 3000 Sliding Doors
The CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 3000 high-performance sliding door is a high-thermal two-track sliding door designed for exterior applications, for either fin or block frame applications and has optional thermally broken head channels and bottom tracks to provide thermal performance. Doors are equipped with heavy wall stiles and interlock, a multi-point locking system, heavy-duty adjustable tandem rollers, and floor track with stainless steel caps that the company says ensure smooth operation during years of service.
Tested to AAMA LC25, CW40 and CW60 for high performance, Series 3000 high performance sliding doors accommodate 1- and 1 1/4-inch glazing with a frame depth of 4 1/2-inches. They have an optional stacking subsill and are available configurations in OX, XO, OXO, OXXO (LC25 only).
CRL also offers a face cap remover, designed to remove exterior face caps on a selection of curtainwalls by hooking one side of the face cap to pull and pop off the cap. This tool has what the company calls an easy grip, lightweight handle, and is described as quick and easy to adjust for use on varying size face caps.

Dynamic Glass Product

eGlass liquid crystal privacy glass from Innovative Glass Corp.
Innovative Glass Corp. is promoting its liquid crystal switchable privacy glass, also known as LC Privacy Glass, or eGlass, which can be used in a variety of applications including doors for intensive care unit (ICU) applications. The laminated glass has an electrified film imbedded within the glass and switches from clear to frosted white at the touch of a button.
In the unpowered, default state, the glass is completely obscure, providing what the company says is 100 percent privacy from both sides while still allowing light to pass through. When electricity is provided, the molecules in the film reorient and the glass becomes clear.
LC Privacy Glass has no moving parts, and the lamination makes it virtually soundproof, according to the company.
Wiring methods range from simple door loops to electrified hinges, or sophisticated and proprietary power transfer systems for the sliding/breakaway doors.

Laminated Switchable Glass from Scienstry Inc.
Scienstry Inc. now offers laminated switchable glass, which the company says can be used in a variety of applications.
The product is the latest generation of liquid crystal switchable film, having functions similar to  switchable windows, smart glass, liquid crystal glass, privacy glass or PDLC, according to the company.

RavenWindow for RavenBrick
RavenWindows from Ravenbrick are designed to intelligently self-regulate the solar transmittance (heat and light) when triggered by temperature. According to the company, once the RavenWindow reaches its temperature trigger point, it transitions to a tinted state, transitioning back to a clear state once the temperature drops. This thermochomic technology is designed to block unwanted solar heat in summer months, while allowing free solar heat gain in the winter. The company adds that the transitioning threshold can be customized to a region’s heat zone during the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency.

SageGlass from Sage Electrochromics
SageGlass is electronically tintable dynamic glass designed to improve the way people experience daylight in buildings. According to the company, the product is easy to install and can be fabricated into industry standard insulating glass units (IGUs) that can fit into a range of window, skylight or curtainwall frame sizes.

Glass Products

StarphireUltra-Clear Glass from PPG
Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass provides limitless design possibilities for interior commercial spaces, according to PPG. Starphire was designed to provide both clarity and color transmission and can be used in sidelites, interior partitions, hand rails, office doors, clerestories and decorative wall panels.
The glass is available in thicknesses from 2.5 mm to 19 mm.

VRE-65 from Viracon
VRE-65 is Viracon’s latest addition to its high-performance glass coatings, designed to provide a balance of aesthetics, natural light and solar heat gain while also enhancing energy performance, according to the company. VRE-65 maintains light to solar gain (LSG) ratios from 1.25 to 1.80.
It offers a light transmission of 59-percent, which the company says allows two-way vision under varying light conditions and aids in controlling glare.

Anti-Condensation Glass from Pilkington
Anti-condensation glass, designed to keep the outer surface of the glass warm, is the latest development from Pilkington. According to the company, the glass delays the onset of condensation on both double and triple glazing through a hard (pyrolytic) coating, which reflects any heat escaping from the building back inside.
The line coated glass is available on a Pilkington Optiwhite substrate, in thicknesses of 4-mm and 6-mm. The glass can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications and in combination with other thermally-efficient glass products. It can also be used in laminated formats.

Fire-Rated Glazing Products

SuperLite II-XL 45 from SAFTIFirst
SuperLite II-XL 45 is a fire-resistive, technically advanced glazing product that blocks radiant heat transfer to meet ASTM E119 requirements. SuperLite II-XL products have been tested to the stringent wall standard and therefore are considered a “transparent wall,” according to the company.
SuperLite II-XL, when used with an equally rated heat barrier framing system such as SAFTIfire GPX, provides floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall design flexibility with clarity and sound reduction. The products also may be customized to meet bullet, blast and hurricane resistance, as well as enhanced energy performance.

Aluflam Fire-Rated Door and Window systems
Aluflam’s fire-rated door and window systems can be used in non-rated storefront and curtainwall systems. The line includes true extruded aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed walls.

FireLite UltraHD Technology, Technical Glass Products
Technical Glass Products now offers FireLite fire-rated glass, a clear glass that is UL classified and labeled. The product features fire-ratings up to three hours and high impact safety ratings.

Handling Equipment

P1 Channel Vacuum Lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip
The design of the P1 Channel vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip has been re-engineered to incorporate features that the company says increase operator safety, while adding to versatility, usability, longevity and durability. A new lift bar for the P1 channel lifter now features what the company calls an easily replaceable spool, designed to provide extended service life. This lift bar is predrilled and ready for use with the company’s counter-balancer, which is used for glass installations in airport towers, as well as for installing glass under eaves and other obstructions.
The channel lifter is available with an upgraded dual vacuum system (DVS) that features a new dual-head vacuum pump and blow-off to speed production with faster attach and release times, according to the company, adding that the improved DVS increases productivity by requiring less power and providing longer battery life. According to the company, new push-button vacuum controls are conveniently located for ease of operation, stability and enhanced control.

Hardware Products

Jordahl Anchor Channels for Curtainwall
Jordahl’s Expert JTA anchor channel design software allows designers to evaluate both top of slab and edge of slab curtainwall anchoring conditions quickly, according to the company. Design inputs can be adjusted by the designer to produce efficient results.
The software shows step-by-step calculation output to national building codes using ICC AC232 and ACI 318 Appendix D design criteria. It is available for download through the company website or may be requested in CD form.

The Rite Touch RT1050D Digital Glass Door Lock from Adams Rite, an AssaAbloy Group Company
The Rite Touch RT1050D is a digital door lock that provides keyless access control for all-glass openings. The Rite Touch offers sophisticated styling, convenience, flexible access control, and safety and security for single or double glass doors, according to the company. The system is easy to install and is surface-mounted, according to the company.

Structural Spider Assemblies and Bolts from Wagner Architectural Glass Systems
The Wagner Companies’ spider assemblies include one-arm through four-arm configurations. They are available both formed and cast, and mini-spiders also are available. The company’s bolts come in several combinations, including 60-mm, 60-mm flat-head removable, and 50-mm. In addition, the bolts are available in articulated or fixed-head options.
Both are made of 316 stainless steel with a satin finish.

IG Products

Cardinal’s Endur IG Warm-Edge Spacer
Cardinal has introduced a new warm-edge spacer for insulating glass. Depending on window design, Endur IG improves performance, increasing sightline temperature by 1 to 2 degrees and providing better resistance to condensation, according to the company.
Endur IG builds on the technologies that help Cardinal IG units achieve the industry’s lowest failure rate—only 0.2 percent over 20 years —and has a comprehensive 20-year factory warranty, according to the company.

Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra Stainless Steel Spacers from Fenzi
Fenzi North America offers its Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel warm edge spacers. They are manufactured by Roll Tech, a Fenzi-owned company. These spacers are available with corner keys and connectors for those wishing to use on bending equipment, providing improved thermal properties over traditional aluminum spacer, according to the company.
Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra spacers are available in a range of air space widths. The Chromatech Ultra has a polycarbonate bridge across the top, available in traditional white, gray and black colors.

ExtremEdge from Viracon
Viracon is now offering the ExtremEdge warm-edge spacer in a black finish, which distinguishes itself from other finishes by its ability to reduce interior reflection through glass. ExtremEdge is positioned between two lites of glass and is designed to improve the U-value of an insulating unit.
According to Viracon, the new spacer helps reduce edge conductivity and thus, heat transfer into buildings. It offers condensation-resistance values as high as 64, minimizing the formation of condensation on glass surfaces.

Machinery Product

Erdman Automation Corp.’s High-Speed IG Line
A new concept in insulating glass (IG) production is the latest development from Erdman Automation Corp. According to company information, the new high speed line is designed to be faster, providing higher output than traditional IG lines in a shorter footprint, increasing speed and reducing floor space.
The spacer and secondary seal will be applied fast and more accurately and other advancements, according to the company, will lead to a 25- to 33-percent increase in production over traditional IG lines.

Neptun’s Tornado HP Horizontal Washer
Tornado HP is a horizontal washing machine now available from Neptun. The machine’s basic version meets all the requirements of ordinary industrial cleaning and can be set up in multiple configurations that successfully adapt to several specific production requirements, according to the company. It is suitable for glass-edging plants, screenprinting lines, lamination lines and production of solar panels. It can work with product dimensions from 1,300 to 3,300 mm.

Vertical Glass Drilling Machines from topDrill/MPM
Marc Prevost Machinery (MPM) out of Quebec has partnered with topDrill, an Austrian-based company that has been in the business of vertical glass drilling machines since the 1990s. With the fourth generation (G4) of topDrill in production for three years, the fifth generation is ready for the market. The M-RX, as it is called, can be used for both drilling and milling, according to MPM.
TopDrill M-RX is a vertical, double-sided CNC machining center with automatic tool change that can be used for milling, grinding, drilling and countersinking.

Rhino Fab900 from Glaziers Center
The Rhino FAB 900 machining center is a customizable solution for cutting and fabricating storefront and curtainwall systems. The system uses smart-motor technology to position products for fabrication along the top, bottom and front axis that can each move on three axes to drill or route material. The Rhino FAB 900 has a built-in 90-degree up-cut saw to trim and cut materials to the correct size for assembly, according to the company. Once the product has been fabricated and cut, it exits the unit and a product label is created to identify the product.
The Rhino FAB 900 can read standard .ncx file formats from other manufacturing software systems or it can take direct feed from the DeMichele Group’s line of estimating and fabrication software.

Horizontal Washing Machine from Lisec
Lisec’s new horizontal washing machine line covers basic machines all the way up to high-end contactless cleaning solutions, according to the company.
The fully automatic washer and dryer, which is made entirely of stainless steel and incorporates tanks with cascade system, recirculating pumps, filters and water heaters, is controlled by a PLC and is equipped with motorized entry and exit conveyors, according to the company. The machine can wash and dry glass 2 to 35 mm thick and is equipped with motorized openings optionally for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Impact Glazing Product

Bullet/Blast Resistant Products from Insulgard
Insulgard Security Products designs, manufactures and markets architectural security products and systems built to resist ballistic, blast, wind and impact threats. The company offers products for a variety of market applications, including government facilities, military bases, schools and retail and convenience stores. These include bullet-resistant, blast-resistant, hurricane, tornado-wind resistant storefronts and windows; multi-layer bullet-resistant systems for school entries and interiors; bullet- and blast-resistant aluminum swing and sliding doors; aluminum door and window systems that meet FEMA 361 2008 testing; and secure interior currency transaction areas.

Blast-Resistant Solutions from Kawneer
Kawneer offers a comprehensive blast mitigation portfolio, now with a range of ultra thermal products. The line is designed to provide occupants ultimate protection against external forces. From curtainwalls and windows to entrances and framing systems, the company offers a single-source solution that is tested to meet stringent federal requirements.

SeaStorm Hurricane-Resistant Glass from Cardinal LG
SeaStorm hurricane-resistant glass is designed to protect all of a homeowner’s assets from storm damage. Engineered for windows used in high wind-speed areas, SeaStorm fulfills code requirements and company officials say extensive testing has shown that upon impact, broken glass fragments adhere to the interlayer, keeping the window intact and reducing the risk of injury or damage. SeaStorm also is designed to shield against forced entry and reduces noise, according to the company.

Resource/Information Item

Azon’s Guide to Energy-Saving Technology
Azon has released a new guide to energy-saving technology, one that it says explains how the pour and debridge process works to optimize the energy-savings and structural performance in commercial fenestration. Azon is a partner in a growing network of aluminum extruders and window manufacturers and says it recognizes the need to continually improve the energy-saving properties of the thermal barrier materials it provides.
The company describes the highlights of the literature as including new techniques to increase efficiency, such as the dual thermal barrier technology and how by adding a second thermal barrier cavity in a profile or utilizing the wider MLP cavity design, the U-factor may be lowered as much as 36 percent.

GANA/PGC Protective Glazing Manual and AIA Courses
The Protective Glazing Manual is a new resource available to the industry for purchase. The manual describes the types of protective glazing available, as well as the standards and levels of protection they provide. It also discusses the care and cleaning of protective glazing products, and offers a comprehensive glossary of terms and applications, according to GANA.
This manual is available in a secure electronic format and a print format.

Safety Equipment Product

Body Protection from Banom
Banom’s body protection was designed specifically for sheet glass handlers and to be cool and comfortable to wear. The protective garment is equipped with a stand-up collar that adds protection to the neck area, and the cut-resistant apron and abrasion-resistant patch pocket can be replaced as needed. The protective clothing is available in a range of sizes.

Personal Protective Gear from Tri-Star Glove
A variety of personal protective gear items are available from Tri-Star Glove, in Plainville, Ind. These include the TSG 566 with Twaron woven stainless steel fabric to prevent cuts and punctures. The TSG 566 is a customized garment, designed to be reflective with flame-resistant trim, 360-degree neck protection and a one-piece front to minimize snags.
The company also offers jackets, chaps, aprons and above-elbow sleeves, capes, bibs and gloves specifically for the glass industry. According to the company, all of its garments are flame-resistant and will never burn, melt or drip.

Sealant/Adhesive Product

121 Structural Glazing Sealant from Dow Corning Corp.
Dow Corning Corp. describes its structural silicone sealant as a high-performance solution to glazing challenges. According to the company, the new 121 structural glazing sealant is easy-to-use and fast-curing with the potential to simplify installation and reduce repair time.
Supplied in a two-part cartridge complete with a static mixer, the sealant is a neutral-cure RTV silicone sealant with a 1-to-1 (“121”) mix ratio. With easy mixing, simplified dispensing, and a 24-hour cure, this option can eliminate the need for specialized mixing equipment, according to the company. In addition, the sealant can minimize quality assurance issues, ensuring adhesion and structural strength on many substrates without using a primer.
The product can be used for repair or replacement of structurally glazed glass and other substrates. According to the company, it is equally suitable for on-site structural glazing, including storefront systems or attachment of panel stiffeners, as it is for in-shop structural glazing.

Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Tape from Capital Tape
A new high-bond, .045-inch thick, pressure-sensitive, gray, foam-core, acrylic tape, is available from Capital Tape. It is designed to adhere to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates, according to the company, which describes it as able to withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without losing adhesion. A 1-inch square of this tape fastened to two pieces of aluminum will hold 60 pounds, according to the company.

Sika Façade System Solutions
Sika high-tech facade solutions were designed to allow architects to thrive on freedom of design. The solutions are made from engineered silicone structural adhesives and sealants.

Shower Enclosure Products

Proline Sliders from Alumax
The ProLine sliders from Alumax are available in oil-rubbed bronze and feature minimal hardware and frameless heavy glass for an open and contemporary appearance, according to the company. The inline sliding door was designed to maximize floor space and eliminate the need for out-swinging doors. The company also offers custom 90-degree return kits for multiple configurations and a variety of pull knobs and handles.

Hardware/Enclosures from PRL
PRL Glass Systems offers a variety of shower door products, including both hardware and enclosures. Its hardware offerings include shower hinges, clamps, handles, towel bars, knobs, channels, wipes and seals, and shower kits. PRL also offers a variety of shower door options with easy-to-install solutions, according to the company/

Skylight Product

Extech’s 4000G Unit Glass Skylight
Extech’s 4000G unit glass skylight was designed so that it can be installed on a flat roof. The low-profile, silicone-sealed perimeter allows water to run off freely, and its strong curb design allows for large skylights up to 32 square feet, according to the company. Additional benefits include aluminum flange to protect the glass edge, foam cushions to provide thermal isolation, strategically placed weep holes, and weep slot aligning with weep holes.

LightBasic Translucent Panel Daylighting System from Major Industries
Major Industries recently added to its LightBasic line of translucent panel daylighting systems with the LightBasic Quick Ship self-flashing, single-slope skylight. The skylights are pre-engineered and ship assembled in a number of standard sizes from 4- by 4-feet up to 5- by 20-feet, and feature a self-flashing design. They are easy to install. LightBasic systems have a 100-percent acrylic-based AcrylitGC face sheet for long-term dependability and light control. They come standard with a durable, clear anodized finish, and offer two-sheet color options as well as two insulation options for enhanced thermal performance.

Software Product/Web Tool

BIM IQ from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
BIM IQ from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a technological solution designed to ease the design process. According to the company, users can make a simple design change and the software will illustrate the change with physically accurate materials so that the user can see both what the design looks like and how it performs. Additionally, BIM IQ evaluates energy performance based on the user’s design choices and changes. The technology can be utilized via computer or in the cloud.

Estimating Software, Soft Tech Group
Soft Tech Group offers a variety of solutions to help a company enhance its workflow. Available options include solutions for improving and promoting product energy ratings for selected combinations of frame types and glazing options; efficient materials ordering; planning, scheduling and managing factory workflow and staff resources; and tracking appointments, sales activity and prospecting.

FeneVision Neo from FeneTech
Fenetech’s new Fenevision Neo software solution was designed to help users improve every part of their businesses. Company officials say the solution can connect every person and process in a business. Additionally, the product was designed to help users become faster, flexible, more mobile, interactive and fully integrated.

Curtainwall/Storefront Product

8750XD Unitized Curtainwall from EFCO
EFCO’s 8750XD unitized curtainwall utilizes patent-pending thermal break design to provide outstanding thermal performance without sacrificing structural integrity. The 8750XD offers a desirable U-factor, which is not compromised when the 875X Wall Vent or if entrance doors are added, according to the company. The combination of popular system profiles, dry-glazed or two- and four-sided SSG, and integral vents, offers design and flexibility with few parts and pieces, and simplifies fabrication and ease of installation, according to the company.

Kawneer’s 1620/1620 SSG Curtainwall
The 1620/1620 structural silicone glazed (SSG) curtainwall system is now available from Kawneer. With a 2-inch profile, the 1620/1620 SSG system provides slim down sightlines that allow light to enter the building and contribute to an expanded view of the outside environment, according to the company.
The curtainwall system is engineered with a thermal break and can accommodate double pane insulating glass. A fiberglass pressure plate option provides additional thermal performance. The stick fabricated, pressure-glazed system offers a vertical SSG mullion solution and both options use concealed fasteners to create flush and unbroken sightlines, according to the company.
Straight cuts without notching help ease the fabrication process and further simplify installation, Kawneer says, adding that a pre-engineered rainscreen pressure-equalized back pan option offering easy-to-install spandrel adapters is available.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ INvision Series
Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ INvision Series product family now includes ten factory-glazed, unitized curtainwall and window wall systems, all of which are backed with a standard limited warranty of up to ten years.
Many of INvision’s systems incorporate polyamide thermal barriers that can contribute to a building’s thermal performance, condensation resistance and energy efficiency, according to the company. The unitized system’s interlocking frame design accommodates seismic, live load and thermal building movements, according to the company. Pressure-equalized, rain screen design INvision systems are NFRC-tested and CMA-listed for thermal performance, and backed by AAMA 501 testing for air, water, and structural integrity, including racking, jacking and thermal cycling.

Tool Products

Bohle’s Verifix Bonding Table
Bohle’s Verifix Bonding Table was developed for precise serial and individual ultraviolet glass bonds. Company officials say it’s ideal for complicated 45-degree mitered bonds and routine 90-degree glass joints, using both low- and medium-viscosity adhesives. Additionally, its components help eliminate delamination, surface tensions and bubble issues in glass-to-glass applications, according to the company.

Class-Chek Elite from EDTM
The new Glass-Chek Elite from EDTM was designed to identify laminated glass in a window and measure the thickness of the laminate interlayer. Additionally, it is equipped with a special operating mode that will identify which piece of glass has a low-E coating and when the low-E surface is placed against the laminate interlayer.
Glass-Chek Elite includes a graphical display with illustrations of the window drawn approximately to scale, and assigns numbers to each piece of glass and glass surface in the window.

Scratch Removal System from GlasWeld
GlasWeld’s Gforce scratch removal system was designed to quickly and effectively remove damage from glass with little to no distortion. The portable system works on all types of glass and is easy to use, according to the company. It comes in three options—Essentials, Standard or Professional series.

Transportation Product

Barkow’s 12-Foot, Fully Welded Aluminum Glass Racks on the New 2014 Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van
Barkow announced it has now designed and mounted 12-foot, fully welded aluminum glass racks on the new 2014 Dodge ProMaster cargo van. According to the company the custom racks accommodate up to 144- by 86-inch lites, with other sizes also available

Curtain-Side Glass Truck Body from says its newest curtain-side glass truck body combines the accessibility of open racks for side loading with the added security of retractable curtains to protect glass in transit. These truck bodies have continuous front-to-rear outer glass support ledges for transport of wider sheets of glass and the shorter wheelbase of the cab over chassis provides maneuverability for deliveries in tight areas according to the company.
Available in 12- to 18-feet lengths, this truck body features a galvanized steel frame that supports heavy-duty double-weave PVC coated curtains; a ply-metal front bulkhead; full-width rear double doors; and a translucent ceiling with LED dome lights. The reinforced curtain is lockable and all buckles and hardware are bolted-on. LED lights provide visibility around the body’s exterior and a welded steel sub-frame provides a stable base for transporting payloads of up to 8,000 pounds.
The curtain-side’s exterior and interior glass transport racks are fabricated from custom-extruded, T6 aluminum posts and slats utilizing Huck aircraft-grade fasteners that the company says won’t crack or loosen from vibration. Thick rubber padding is also integrated into every rack surface that touches glass. E-track and cargo straps secure glass in place and interior racks are accessed by a rear step bumper and fold-down stirrup steps.

The “Professional” Racks from Unruh
New pickup and van racks are the latest addition for Unruh. The new pickup and van racks have standard 5-inch useable ledgeboards and 84-inch useable height. They also offer stake guides at the top of the racks for quick stake setting and 21-inch high full bottom protection panels to keep the glass clean and protected from spray and debris. The new racks also include seven rows of slats providing protective support to more glass sizes.


GANA’s Decorative Division Website
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has launched a website specifically for its decorative division. The decorative division is solely focused on decorative glass, mainly within the architectural, design and construction industries. The division aims to provide education, technical resources and insight into future trends for the promotion and use of decorative glass products, according to the division’s new website.

Guardian’s SunGuard App Available on Google Play and in iTunes
Guardian Industries’ SunGuard app allows users to browse and interact with hundreds of projects worldwide, according to the company. The app utilizes the phone’s GPS capabilities so that users can locate buildings that use SunGuard products nearby or around the world. It includes a photo gallery, project details, performance data and more.

ViraconGlass App Available in iTunes
The ViraconGlass iPad app allows users to select from 25 different coatings on 15 substrates, presenting transmitted and reflective glass color on a variety of building types. The models can then be viewed under different lighting conditions from both interior and exterior perspectives and can be compared to one another.
With a specific glass project in mind, users can also explore size capability by dragging a corner with a simple click of a mouse, or entering the dimensions manually in the Sizing Tool. Viracon’s web app includes all of the same side-by-side comparisons and product performance information as the iOS version, which can be downloaded by visiting the iOS App Store using an iPad or iPad Mini and using the search term “Viracon.”

Window/Window Product

Quanex Building Products’ SuperCapSR
Quanex Building Products recently released its SuperCapSR co-extruded exterior color technology, which the company says is 12 times harder than competitive paint coatings and absorbs less heat to prevent profile distortion.
The SuperCapSR color technology is said to exceed AAMA 614 weathering standards, AAMA 615 durability standards and is offered in black, architectural bronze, adobe, hunter green, brick red and sliver (with a clear anodized appearance).

Profiled Films from Renolit
Renolit has been in the market for window frame enhancement with performance/decorative films for more than 30 years and now has expanded its offering of metallic finishes. This metallic range includes architectural bronze and other anodized type finishes, silver and aluminum, copper and black. The scratch-resistant surface emboss of this commercial range can have either a smooth stipple or an etched type finish.
The metallic finishes join the company’s existing selection of woodgrain and solid color laminate films that Exofol offers to enhance the look of the interior or exterior of all types of window frames. It is suitable for substrates of PVC, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, composites and more, according to the company.
Renolit also released a new, expanded fan deck. This fan deck has a complete set of samples of the full Renolit Exofol FX range, including newly released colors.

Kawneer’s InFrame Interior Framing System
Kawneer’s new InFrame interior framing system brings the company’s expertise inside, allowing it to offer a single source for both interior and exterior framing solutions.
Available as screw-spline construction and a center aligned glass pane, the framing system meets the design needs of a range of building applications and project requirements–both new and retrofit construction.
Wrap-around perimeter profiles deliver clean lines and eliminate the need to complete drywall terminations. Installation times are minimized with a full-perimeter bulb gasket designed to capture drywall and accommodate variations in drywall thickness. Additionally, the InFrame interior framing system transitions seamlessly from fixed framing to operable doors, providing enhanced design flexibility.