The glass and glazing industry returns to Las Vegas next week for GlassBuild America. The three-day trade show is set to take place October 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where exhibitors plan to showcase some of their newest products. Here’s a look at some of what exhibitors will have on display.

*Companies featured below advertised in the October 2022 issue of USGlass magazine. The entire show preview is available HERE.

Booth 6136 – A+W Software, iShape II

A+W will showcase the iShape II, the company’s updated template-digitizing software solution that allows users to use a smartphone camera to photograph templates and then digitize them for streamlined fabrication. The first step is to place the reference L-angles onto the template around the perimeter of the shape. By using the camera feature in the iShape app, the user can take a picture of the template against a contrasted background. Then, the finite data, including perimeter and any radii, are calculated in the cloud. The user is then given a “confidence factor” in the quality of the template and can email the file to A+W CAD Designer. There, any template imperfections can be worked out by using the line tool. The shaping/nesting file (dxf) is then ready for cutting, rounding out the process.

Booth 7049 – ClearShield, ClearPad VPIR-200

ClearShield will introduce the brand new ClearPad VPIR-200 application machine, presenting an automated method of vertically applying its surface treatment for glass with pads. Pad application reduces wastage and airborne particles according to the company, adding that the machine is ideal for new or existing large-volume glass fabricators.

Booth 5232 – Diamon-Fusion International, FuseCube Express

Diamon-Fusion now offers the FuseCube Express, a glass coating machine for the application of protective coating on both sides of a surface. According to the company, the machine can treat one to five lites in less than 10 minutes and has a minimal footprint (5 by 6 feet). The machine was modified to include a modular chamber roof that houses larger-sized glass allowing it to accommodate 60 by 120 inch lites. The additional height allows fabricators to treat larger glass for exterior glazing and storefronts as well as glass railings and windows.

Booth 9093 – Dreamwalls, Backpainted Glass

Dreamwalls from Gardner Glass Products will feature its modern glass and mirror products. The company will display samples of its latest products for interior applications including backpainted glass, markerboards, sandblasted mirrors for LED backlighting, antique mirrors, laminated glass or mirrors with a variety of interlayer options, and tempered glass or mirrors for safety.

Booth 5194 – Erdman, Dura IG Line and Robotic Glass Handling Equipment

Erdman will display its High-Speed Dura IG Line as well as Robotic Glass Handling Equipment. The High-Speed Dura Line produces IG at increased rates from a traditional IG line while total labor for the Dura High-Speed Line is 3-4 operators per 1000 units per shift. This results in reduced labor while also reducing floor space.

Booth 8098 – F. Barkow, Model P212-A Glazing Body

Barkow will display its 12-foot by 105-inch useable height exterior glass carriers, Model P212-A Glazing Body, at the show. The display truck comes equipped with 10 Stake-Loc self-locking stakes, 5-inch useable Ledgeboards, “B” loadholding horizontal slats through the interior and exterior. Vertical interior walls strap glass, doors, frames and more. Additionally, the product features a cantilevered metal carrier with removable bars in the center and rear, a locking toolbox in the rear skirt and a trailer hitch.

Booth 6124 – GGI, Specialty Glass Solutions

General Glass International (GGI) will have its complete range of decorative, fire-rated and specialty glass solutions on display as well as samples of Alice Wood, Stone and Marble direct-to-glass print designs. GGI plans to also showcase Inspiration Gallery, a tool launched earlier this year that allows users to search Alice direct-to-glass printing options by design, material type and application.

Booth 4026 – Groves, Harp Rack

Groves will exhibit its harp rack for storing nearly any size glass panels. At 80-inches wide and 48-inches deep, glass slides onto the rack on a polyethylene floor that also serves as a non-stick surface for insulating glass. An ungrooved bottom surface allows for maximum rod spacing and flexibility. Additionally, the rack features four non-marking, 1,000-pound rated swivel casters and two front-mounted foot locks for easier maneuverability and stability, with the product wrapped up in a powder-coated finish.

Booth 5050 – HHH Equipment Resources, Denver Surface

HHH Equipment Resources plans to exhibit the Denver Surface, a vertical CNC work center for milling and drilling. The Surface has two opposing spindles and the freedom to mill and drill almost anywhere on the glass. Two automatic tool holder magazines allow tools to be changed without operator intervention. The Surface allows for glass plant automation with possible in-line combinations with vertical edge processing machines. Powered out-feed conveyers allow it to work with an in-line vertical washer after processing is complete.

Booth 2116 – Jordon Glass Machinery, FWM 1600 Glass Wrapper

The FWM1600 glass wrapper from Jordon Glass Machinery covers the glass with a protective film, helping to reduced nicks and scratches. The wrapper applies the film to both the top and bottom surfaces of the glass in a single pass, safeguarding the glass during delivery and installation.

Booth 5104 – Lattuada North America, Mitering and Edging Machines

Lattuada will showcase its new fully automatic 11-wheel mitering machine. The machine comes equipped with the A-WR System that features diamond/resin wheels automatic presetting and polishing wheels automatic wear recovery and i-AL for automatic adjustment of the machine’s parameters based on the glass thickness. Additionally, it offers a motorized adjustable infeed conveyer, digital ammeters and an automatic alert system for the wear of the polishing wheels.

Also on display is a straight-line edger for processing flat edges with arrises for large scale production of tempered glass and furnishing glass.

Booth 9108, 9109 – PRL, Architectural Glass and Metal Systems

PRL will feature its complete architectural glass and metal system solutions. The company’s products include all glass entrance systems, curtainwall, storefronts, interior glass sliding systems, swing doors, handrail systems, emergency exit panic doors, and more.

Booth 5050 – Salem Fabrication Supplies, Premium Polishing Products

Salem Fabrication Supplies will showcase premium polishing products, including Axion, Vista cerium oxide polishing compounds and Vero and Status cerium polish wheels. Axion is a white polishing compound that features consistent particle hardness and size. Vista is versatile and can be used in many glass polishing applications, as well as glass cleaning. The company’s Vero and Status wheels are available in configurations to fit most production edging machines. The Vero wheel features a unique composition of the polishing layer for durability and quality polish while the Status wheel utilizes a unique porous resin bond structure matched with Status cerium oxide.

Booth 5176 – Schiatti Angelo, SME 10

Schiatti will feature its vertical straight line edger model SME10, which can finely process flat edges and mitering arris from 0° to 45°. It has a PLC touchscreen to adjust and display the machine’s working parameters and diagnose faulty situations. The machine also features a conveyor–track composed of rubber pad bearings, helping assure glass stability and durability without needing continuous lubrication. Several additional options are available, including the automatic adjustment of the diamond wheels and Industry 4.0 solutions for interconnection to remote control and maintenance.

Booth 9038 – Strybuc, Window Balance Identification Display

Strybuc will feature its Window Balance Identification Display stand that store owners can use to help customers identifying different types of window balances. This display stand holds 31 different series channel balances (tilt and non-tilt), tube balances (tilt and non-tilt) and constant force window sash balances. In addition to countertops, the display can be used for sales/customer meetings, customer shows and exhibits, open houses, training and more.

Booth 6064 – Vitro Architectural Glass, VacuMax

Vitro Architectural Glass will showcase its new VacuMax vacuum insulating glass (VIG) that insulates with traditional glazing systems, window frames or curtainwall applications for improved insulation performance. VacuMax delivers R-values close to those of a traditional walls with an R-value of R14+. Tempered VacuMax VIG units can be used alone as nominal ¼-inch glass or as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU), forming a second airspace to create a hybrid IGU.

Booth 2113
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