Vetrodomus, based in Brescia, Italy, has purchased Forel’s No Limits insulating glass unit line, which has the ability to produce jumbo-sized glass lites.

“We needed to increase our productivity by adding a new insulating glass line to the two existing lines,” says Roberto Pastore, owner of Vetrodomus. “Our top priority was for high performance (the ability to handle heavy weights and support significant thicknesses and offsets) to correspond to a good level of labor productivity. We were familiar with Forel because we had already purchased a vertical edge processing line (grinding, milling and drilling, and washing machine) and part of an insulating glass line, so we decided to work with them to explore a system that could go beyond the standard formats. Having made the decision to invest, we opted to do so by opening ourselves up to new possibilities. This led us to the No Limits line. We considered this choice carefully and in the end it proved to be a winner. The line entered into production two years ago and has been advancing quickly. It has superior performance characteristics and has given us access to substantial orders.”

The Forel No Limits insulating glass line is composed of a coating remover to remove low-E coatings, a washing machine, an inspection and frame application conveyor, a coupling flat press with gas filling and a sealing robot.