Photo: Christian Scheidegger.

The historic Vienna Museum blends old and new. The museum in Vienna, Austria, was recently renovated to blend the architecture of the late 1950s with modern elements, including an abundance of glass and intricate design features.

The existing building’s facade, originally designed by Austrian architect Oswald Haerdtl in 1959, featured limestone and marble cladding. The updated design includes a concrete block floating above the existing building, a transparent glazed terrace level and a glazed entrance pavilion.

Each glazed area separating the interior from the exterior features SageGlass Classic (SageGlass is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain). The electrochromic glazing helps the museum reduce the amount of energy consumed for lighting and air conditioning. The smart glass mitigates the extensive use of air conditioning, which is required to conserve museum exhibits.

The project was designed by Arge Ĉertov and Winkler + Ruck. The general contractors were Arge Porr, Ortner and Elin.

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