Minnesota-based fabricator Viracon is expanding its flagship manufacturing facility to add jumbo-sized architectural glass capabilities.

The expansion will add more than 360,000 square feet to the company’s existing 1.2 million-square-foot headquarters, housing new glass manufacturing technology and fabrication equipment to increase its maximum finished product size capability.

“We are very grateful for the ongoing opportunities we are given to be part of iconic commercial buildings all over the world, like One World Trade Center which is the tallest structure in North America, and Costanera Center which is the tallest in South America,” says Kelly Schuller, president of Viracon. “This expansion is a very significant project, which builds on our 2014 new coater investment and is the next step in a long range program to ensure we remain at the forefront of architectural glass technology and continue to be a valued partner on distinctive buildings, large or small. Along with larger size capabilities we are also introducing higher levels of automation for increased efficiency and even greater levels of glass quality.”

Viracon’s new investment is a response to the growing demand from architects for larger expanses of glass in exterior facades.

“By adding larger size capabilities up to [130-inches-by-236-inches] to our comprehensive portfolio of architectural glass products, we are able to offer architects and building owners solutions that support their ‘big glass’ designs and energy conservation goals without compromise.” Says Garret Henson, Viracon’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Knowing that the typical commercial project that Viracon participates in has a long design and build phase, our architectural design and technical service teams will begin offering design and performance guidance for oversize glass in January, 2016. Viracon’s sales and estimating teams will also be able to quote these new larger sizes starting in January, 2016 for buildings that require glass deliveries in the second quarter of 2017 and beyond.”