Owatonna, Minn.-based Viracon notified customers of a price increase on quote requests received on or after May 12, 2021. According to the announcement, the price increase does not affect the company’s current energy surcharge structure, which will continue to be added quarterly.

“By now most of you are aware that our primary glass suppliers within the commercial architectural industry announced float glass and coated float glass price increases of 8-13%, which go into effect this week,” reads the letter that was sent from Garret Henson, vice president of sales and marketing at Viracon. “We have experienced substantial cost increases in packaging materials, over the road freight costs, laminating and insulating materials. While we work hard to achieve continuous productivity improvements at Viracon, increases of this scale cannot be fully absorbed.”

The letter notes that pricing escalation will depend on the float glass, specialty coated glass, and product configuration utilized.

“Current quoted projects will be honored per the quoted terms and price protected via a letter of intent or booking purchase order before the quote date expires. Expired quotes can be requoted to reflect the new costing,” reads the announcement.

In the letter, Henson adds that the company’s internal continuous improvement initiatives have created steady and repeatable production capacity. “Our delivery lead-times for a significant portion of our product portfolio are in the 6-8 week range. However, we continue to receive material updates from our key supply partners to be prepared for supply interruption. Those critical notifications will be addressed in separate communications from Viracon. We continue to offer project kick off evaluations to protect project schedules from lead-time fluctuations ….”