Due to a spike in demand in 2014, Owatonna, Minn.-based glass fabricator Viracon was forced last August to put a temporary halt on new project bookings that required glass prior to April 1 of this year. The company has since put in place corrective actions and has positioned itself to move forward in an efficient manner.

Viracon has added more than 35 percent capacity in the last nine months, including its re-opening of the St. George, Utah facility, at the beginning of this year. According to the company, it is now fabricating in excess of 25,000 insulating glass units, or 550,000 square-feet, per week among its three North American locations.

Seth Madole, Viracon’s director of customer service, tells USGNN.com™ that “lead times are back to what customers expect,” and that they remain steady “in the 10- to 12-week range moving forward.”

Contract glaziers have the option of working within Viracon’s first come, first served lead times—the 10- to 12-week span—or they can reserve the needed allotment of capacity for their project to ensure they receive the glass when they need it. Currently, Viracon has capacity available as early as July 2015.

“Above all, Viracon is dedicated to project success,” says Madole. “This means that our field sales and customer service representatives will be in direct communication with customers to manage lead-times and project-specific needs.”

The company anticipates increased demand in the commercial construction market, and Madole says it is prepared to add additional production capabilities as needed “in an effort to provide stable and predictable glass lead-times.”

“Our active management of lead-times is of utmost importance to our customers,” he says. “We will be transparent and forward-looking to ensure we meet or exceed the needs of our customers and their projects.”

Viracon intends to update the marketplace regarding available capacities on a quarterly or as-needed basis.