Vitro Architectural Glass has announced a second partnership within its recently introduced Vitro X Innovation Partnerships program. The newest collaboration is with Chicago-based ClearShield Technologies, a subsidiary of Ritec International Limited. ClearShield is a glass surface renovation, protection and maintenance system that converts ordinary glass into non-stick glass that is easy to clean.

Vitro announced its second Vitro X partnership with ClearShield Technologies, a pioneer in non-stick, easy-clean glass that can transform discolored, stained facades like the Grand Hotel Tijuana into a brighter, clearer façade as seen on the hotel’s lefthand tower. Photo courtesy of Vitro.

ClearShield joins AERAS, an emerging technology company specializing in advanced drone applications.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ritec International and ClearShield as our second partner through the Vitro X program,” says Martin Bracamonte, Vitro’s vice president of marketing and innovation. “With its legacy of proven success and decades of experience, we look forward to bringing this innovative glass protection product to a larger audience of glass industry leaders.”

According to Vitro officials, Vitro X enables the company to collaborate with future-focused companies as early investors to support their work and shepherd their ideas, including new functionalities and services to building owners and homeowners, from the drawing board to the production line, installation, maintenance and beyond.