Vitro’s Solarban 90 solar control low-E glass adorns the Biblioteca TEC Campus Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Vitro.

Vitro Architectural Glass has launched a magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coater at its facility in Baja California, Mexico. Company officials say the MSVD machine will apply solar control low-E coatings to architectural, automotive and oversized glass in sizes up to 130-by-240 inches.

The MSVD coating process enables glass manufacturers to apply ultra-thin layers of silver to glass to create low-E coatings that deflect solar energy and transmit high daylight levels. Low-E glass makes homes and buildings more energy efficient by reducing demand for heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting.

“Investing in a new MSVD coater enables us to shift production of some of our low-E glass products to Planta Mexicali,” says president Ricardo Maiz. “This will improve access to high-performance glass for the Western U.S. and Mexico and enable us to increase production of our Solarban solar control low-E glass at our Wichita Falls and Carlisle Plants.”

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