Vitro Architectural Glass has debuted a new continuing education course on the science and development of vacuum-insulating glass.

The course, Vacuum Insulating Glazing (VIG) Benefits and Advantages in a Sustainable World, reviews the development of vacuum insulation technology, the properties and advantages of vacuum insulating glass and what types of projects can benefit from it. The course is American Institute of Architects (AIA) / Continuing Education Services (CES)-registered. Architects who take it can earn 1 LU, HSW credit.

“Part of what makes our continuing education offerings so robust is our commitment to providing impartial, accurate information about the types of architectural glass products that we manufacture,” says Daniel Sutton, product manager for value-added products. “We know that product integration is key for our architectural audience when it comes to meeting design goals, and our continuing education courses offer the foundational knowledge needed to make decisions about product selection.”

Course objectives include understanding how vacuum insulating glass differs from a typical architectural glass unit, how vacuum insulating glass technologies can meet a range of needs from energy savings and acoustic improvements to sustainable building practices, the energy performance of vacuum insulating glass versus traditional product options, and code requirements that this type of product can meet and exceed.