Vitro Architectural Glass has launched a new program to help identify and develop solutions to existing and future glass industry challenges.

Vitro X Innovation Partnerships will identify and develop inspired solutions to challenges in the glass industry and support future-focused companies in bringing innovative products and technologies to market. (Photography: Tom Kessler)

The Vitro X Innovation Partnerships program allows Vitro to partner with “future-focused” companies as early investors to support and develop new ideas.

“Vitro X enables Vitro to become a hands-on partner with progressive companies that have the power to influence glass in some way, with an innovative, non-traditional approach,” says Martin Bracamonte, vice president of marketing and innovation.

Company officials say the first partnership is with AERAS, an emerging technology company specializing in advanced drone applications. Pittsburgh-based AERAS is the first company in the U.S. to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones to provide decontamination services against viral contaminants such as COVID-19 at large gathering spaces.

Officials say Vitro is teaming up with a select group of businesses to develop technologies that can potentially impact the future of the glass industry. The hope is that the partnerships will usher in new products and services that can “enhance and protect glass services, reduce the need for exterior glass maintenance and even make outdoor venues healthier.”