The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Acrisure Stadium features Vitro’s Solarban 60 glass.

Vitro Architectural Glass has become the Pittsburgh Steelers’ first partner in Mexico. The partnership is part of the NFL’s Global Markets Program. Founded in 2022, the program awards NFL clubs international marketing rights to build brand awareness and fandom beyond the U.S. With nearly eight million fans in Mexico, the Steelers have the second-largest fanbase among NFL teams.

According to Vitro officials, Western Pennsylvania is the ideal confluence between Vitro and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Vitro’s Glass Research and Development Center is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

“We are delighted to start this partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers,” says CEO Adrian Sada. Both organizations share many characteristics in their origins and culture, such as dedication, teamwork and commitment to deliver nothing but the best in their respective fields. We are convinced this partnership will yield substantial benefits to both organizations.”

Vitro and the Steelers are no strangers. The Steelers’ Acrisure Stadium features Vitro’s Solarban 60 glass.

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